Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (February 8th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Biblical king who sought the counsel of the Witch of Endor
From Clwyd or Gwynedd counties
When repeated, 'Animal House' chant
Second-year student, for short
With 61-Across, 1987 Robert Townsend satire ... or a hint to deciphering four clues in this puzzle
See 38-Across
Cheyenne ally
With 66-Across, Bond specification
Gift of Balthazar to the baby Jesus
'Holy cow!'
See 57-Across
'Eureka'-esque exclamations
Word that becomes its own synonym if you add 'pr' to the front
Goddess often pictured in a chariot
Serpentine sound
Young 'un
Feature in 'People'?
Good name for a florist?
Favoring the fortunate few
Sound on Old MacDonald's farm
Young cow
Hair pieces?
Bell locales
Sprint competitor
Young stray
Chief figure in the Eddas
Standard work shifts
Contemptuous countenance
___ Jam records
Burn cause
'In that case ...'
Its capital is Gaborone
Starship's second #1 hit, after 'We Built This City'
___ Martell, 'Game of Thrones' princess
Cartoon genre
Brand with a crown logo
Language in Lucknow
Steady gig
'___ me' (modern parting words)
___ mater
Maddux who won four Cy Young Awards
Things to wipe your hands on
'It's-a me, Mario!'
Barking lot?
Mercedes competitor
This side of the puzzle
Molten rock
Tiny amount
Month before Shawwal
Total arithmetically
Actress Elisabeth who's been on the cover of Rolling Stone, ironically
More than a moratorium
Company behind the 2017 film 'Coco'
Triangular road sign's signification
U.R.I. URL ending
Band not known for music?
Folk stories
WASP part
Onetime Volvo rivals
Way, way back
Pixy ___ (candy)
Ellipses, e.g
Ernest Gallo
Prefix with denial