Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 10th 1999) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 147 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'I'll get right ___!'
'Let's do it!'
'Star Wars' lovely
'Steps in Time' autobiographer
'There you ___'
1914 battle site
1990's Senate leader
1992 David Mamet play
60's event
747 letters
After-theater destination?
Alphabet trio
Answer to an accusation, maybe
Auricular problem
Baseball's Master Melvin
Beat at dinner
Big name in construction
Big troublemaker
Brno is its principal city
Cabaret band
Can. divisions
Carbolic acid
Centers of interest
Certain terrier, informally
Civics, e.g.
Clean (up)
Cola choice
Concert prop
Copland's 'Symphonic ___'
Critic's pan
Demand at a breakup
Devil's end?
Do away with
Draw from
Driver's helper?
Early stargazers?
El océano, por ejemplo
Elephant fan: Abbr.
Eleve's place
Emcee's forte
Farm worker
Flounder's cousin
Follows through on
Geometric figure
Gray shade
Group of notes sung on one syllable
Hendrix of 60's rock
His greeting at the Vatican
His reaction to the election of a Jewish mayor in Dublin
Horse-and-buggy ___
Hospital supplies
Hot issue
How some warnings are given
Ice cream brand
Idle talk, so to speak
In ___ (somehow)
Inquisition target
It makes a racket
It may be grand
It pours but doesn't rain
Kind of hours
Klee contemporary
Light ___
Major shipbuilding city
Make gloomy
Make ___ in
Male cat
Mil. rank
Mountainous land
Mr. Rogers
Network, e.g.
Numerical prefix
O.T. book
O.T. book
Old Eur. conflict
Old hat
One of five rulers
Opposite of ham
Passed, with 'away'
Peeples of TV's 'Fame'
Plane part
Play to ___
Punt, for one
Put on
Question for Poirot
Radiation dosage
Real estate account
Reason for tears?
Road warning
Rope with a loop
Scale notes
See 22-Across
See 39-Across
See 39-Across
See 48-Across
See 53-Down
Sewed up
Sight from Messina
Sir Robert Peel, notably
Sir Robert Peel, notably
Site of ancient Miletus
Site of ancient Miletus
Slip away
Small change
Some TV's
Sonora snack
Source of all the quotes in this puzzle
Still life subject
Still life subject
Suffix with refer
Swept hairstyles
That girl in 'That Girl'
They're all in the family
Trapper John's last name
Uncommon major
Valuable Scrabble tile
Vietnam's ___ Dinh Diem
What he liked best about school
With 115-Across, his protest about always being quoted
With 15-Down, his take on why the Yankees lost the 1960 World Series
With 68- and 97-Across, his comment while driving to Cooperstown
With 86-Across, his query after a sudden downpour
Word before house or hall
Word in many magazine titles
Year of Clovis I's death
___ Gay
___ treadmill
___-you-please (not tied down)