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'___ to differ!'
1966 Simon and Garfunkel hit
Actress Miles
Alimony receivers
Any one of God's creatures
Begin, as school
Blackjack phrase
Bouncing baby's seat
Brief turndown to an invitation
Broadway 'Auntie'
Call forth
Cards up one's sleeve?
Certain berth
Classic Bette Davis line from 'Beyond the Forest'
Corn, to chickens
Courtroom addressee, with 'your'
Cube inventor Rubik
Dallas's locale
DiCaprio, to fans
Diplomat's aide
Exile site for Napoleon
Fire remnant
Free ticket
Frenzied: Var.
Golden Delicious and others
Greyhound, e.g.
High school parking lot fixture
Highly regarded
It's perpendicular to long.
Lima's land
Lock opener
Mayberry jail habitué
Medieval weapon
Metal to be refined
Miss America wears one
More or ___
Mrs. Eisenhower
Muslim holy man
Newspaperman Adolph
Not straight
Oklahoma Indian
Oscar-winning role for Tom Hanks
Peter of 'Casablanca'
Poison ivy woe
Proceeding easily, at last
Radio man Don
Religious law
Res ___ loquitur
Run off to the chapel
Run out
Running on ___
Second-place finishers
Sew with loose stitches
Single: Prefix
Skirt style
Slalom curve
Soho socials
Speaker of Cooperstown
St. Peter's Square figure
Stew morsel
Tackle box item
Train track
Uncle ___
Underground vegetable
Weapon that's thrown
WNW's opposite
Word after catch or hang
Word on mail from Spain
___ de Janeiro

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