Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 13th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Field work
With nothing on top
Noted boxing family
A Musketeer
Newfoundland or golden retriever
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 album 'A Seat at the Table'
Former Ecuadorean 'dollars'
___ facie (legal phrase)
A smartphone has lots of them
Nickname for baseball's Orlando Hernández
Palma's island
Foxes, e.g
___ stick
Noted blind mathematician
Parent, e.g
Go smoothly
Parts of pit crews
Alliance of groups against a common enemy
Annual June celebration
Pertaining to colored rings
Golfer Mickelson
Hernando's 'happy'
Bloom that's often white or lavender
Shakespearean fencer
2/2, in music
Camp out in the wilderness, say
Charles of 'Hill Street Blues'
'You don't have to explain'
Hope was once its driving force
Something with 'three deuces and a four-speed' in a 1964 hit
Chicken characteristic
Leave in a hurry
Spell out
Christopher Paolini best seller
Like an eisteddfod festival
Staff additions
What a physiognomist studies
Country music's Mike ___
London or Manchester
Strand during a storm, maybe
Croissan'wich alternative
Make more powerful, with 'up'
Stuck-up sort
Curry of the N.B.A
'Well done!'
Measure of data transfer speed, for short
Successor to Churchill
30, on a table
Does some runs
1940 Fonda role
Measures of sharpness
Throw a bomb
N.H.L. Eastern Conference team, on scoreboards
Touchy subject
Neighbor of Allemagne
Fast-food icon, with 'the'