Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 1st 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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#vanlife homes, briefly
'Get it?'
'Inside ___ Davis' (Coen brothers film)
'Let's ___ and say we did'
'Lower your voice, please'
'Madama Butterfly' highlight
'Madama Butterfly,' for one
A day in Spain
Ancient Incan capital
Army E-3: Abbr
Bangles torch song?
Centerpiece of a frat party
Chance upon
Chest muscles, for short
Christmas tree
Come clean
Crunchy, healthful snack
Cuts drastically, as prices
Derive via logic
Drives the getaway car for, say
Elvis Presley torch song?
Ex-G.I.'s org
Fat used in mincemeat
FedEx competitor
Genetic carrier, briefly
Given out for a time
Glacial chamber
Grabs some Z's
Hebrew for 'my Lord'
Horse of a certain color
J.F.K.'s W.W. II command
Joke writer
Jon Bon Jovi torch song?
Kim, to Kourtney or Khloé
Kvetchers' cries
Lawyer's charge
Leatherworker's punch
Letter-shaped girders
Like a wallflower
Match up
Med. school subject
Norm: Abbr
Onetime Dr Pepper rival
Opposite of WSW
Pablo Picasso's designer daughter
Pale blue hue
Pekoe, for one
Pleasingly tangy
Pork cut
Property defacer
Province west of Que
Public outburst
Rings of water around castles
Russian fighter jet
S.I. or GQ
Sarcastic laugh syllable
Scottish pattern
Server with a spigot
Signature Obama legislation, for short
Some Canadian petroleum deposits
Speak gobbledygook
Squid, in Italian cuisine
Stick in one's ___
Sudden outpouring
The Doors torch song?
The Trammps torch song?
Tiny battery size
To boot
Tough puzzle
Transcript figs
Under siege
Unruly throng
Wealthy sort, informally
With prudence
Yoga chants
___ Polo, traveler at the court of Kublai Khan