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Can't stomach
Reading ability?
Word with full or file
Chasséd, say
Cold-weather product prefix
___ Laszlo (cosmetics brand)
Kobe or Shaq, notably
Choir composition
Lancastrian or Liverpudlian
Reduction of tension
Crystallizing substance in Kurt Vonnegut's 'Cat's Cradle'
See 19-Across
Lightweight boxer?
Cut down, possibly
See 35-Across
Like atoms with complete valence shells
Daytime TV fare
See 50-Across
May and others, for short
Followers of the Baal Shem Tov
Narrow tube in chemistry
Has a funny feeling
Steam locomotive workers
Full of sass
Not easily understood
'De profundis,' e.g
Gap in a schedule
App customers
One who may help you keep your balance?
1970 Australian Open winner
Germ-free state
Subject of many '60s hits?
Org. that supported the Good Friday Agreement
Get better
The new girl on Fox's 'New Girl'
Outer layer of a membrane
A good one is hard to crack
Gets a 5 on an A.P. exam, say
Underground activity
Pass the time
Author known for the intelligence of his writing?
Got the attention of
W.W. II weapon
Playing card marking
Best-selling erotic novelist ___ Leigh
Group with a tartan
With 20-Across, pattern in back of a window
Possible candidate for a Razzie Award
Black Panther's co-creator
Razor cut
Had something
Prepare, as hides for tanning
With 37-Across, hit Leonardo DiCaprio film, with 'The'
Hard to hear, perhaps
With 52-Across, commander at the First Battle of Bull Run
Quick pace
Brawl in the backwoods

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