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Heraldic charge indicating supposed illegitimate birth
Avid fan of a Stephenie Meyer young adult series
Overly rehearsed
B-school applicant's hurdle
Painful spa treatment
Skunk's defense
Onetime Los Angeles center
Big affair
Small mammals that secrete a musk used in perfumes
It might have a cadenza
Busing supervisors
Spectral quality
Peter of 'The Lion in Winter'
Last name in punk rock
Certain Mideast native
Texter's 'Too funny!'
Pizza joint in 'Do the Right Thing'
Leader mentioned in the Beatles' 'Revolution'
Closing bars
U.S. Army E-7
Powerful person
Letter in the Greek or NATO alphabet
Closing question
Usually partnered conjunction
Prefix with cycle
Like many Shakespeare plays
Wine center near Turin
'Are you kidding me?!'
Promoting fair competition, in a way
Line at a dance
Workplace inspection org
Literally, 'dwarf dog'
Your, of yore
E-ZPass site: Abbr
Pulled (in)
___ couture
End of a match, for short
Range, e.g
Many a digitalization
___ force
Evening hour
Rude reply
Held high
'American Pie,' e.g
___ nitrate (diesel fuel additive)
'Goodness gracious!'
Get ready for a Mr. Universe competition, say
Serengeti stampeders
'Feel good' sensations
Noah Webster, collegiately
Gravel alternative
Service designation
Not quite nada
Halley's comet, to William the Conqueror
One who illegally ignores orders
Shakes off
'Finlandia' composer
Off the deep end
Hard to reach
Shell filling
'Otherwise ...'
Short and sweet sign-off
Andy's dinosaur in 'Toy Story'

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