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Knee injury common among athletes
Rubes, north of the border
Graceful antlered animals
Labrador greeting
Group that 5-Downs
Spinning out of control
Like much locker room humor
Grp. troubleshooting a 33-Across
Strong objection
Like some bagels and dips
'Death Becomes ___' (Meryl Streep film)
Gymnast who won all-around gold in Rio
1972 hit with the lyric 'You can bend but never break me'
Tampa-to-Naples dir
Lived in a love nest
High ___
Asok in 'Dilbert,' e.g
To whom a conductor reports
Lord Byron, notably, in his personal life
Shade akin to chestnut
Historic town in SE Connecticut
Big part of Greenland
Travel in large numbers
Museum installations
Holds back, for now
Classification for violent video games
What a jam is packed with
Nail site
Computer crash cause
What a pop-up link might lead to
One who's blackballed
In a bit, to bards
Widely used antibiotic brand
Pasta dinner staple
Interstate numbers
Wife of Mike Pence
Design of park land requiring minimal water
Petroleum substitutes
Intifada grp
Word after half or before size
Ecclesiastical jurisdictions
Platform for early Zelda games, for short
It blows across the Mediterranean
___ Kapoor, 'Slumdog Millionaire' actor
Farm feed holder
Pre-hosp. childbirth aide, often
It has a stigma
___ shoes (ballet wear)
Fast times?
Ready to face another day, say
It. is in it
Feeling akin to Weltschmerz
Italia's Casa d'___
Its spirit may be broken
Rose Bowl and others
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