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___ Valley
Hand-carved Polynesian statues
Radio City Music Hall has a famous one
Rain-___ (bubble gum brand)
Height: Prefix
Range rovers
___-Town (city nickname)
Houses that may include tunnels
Ref. works that can run $1,000+
Husband of Lara in 'Doctor Zhivago'
Image file extension
Increasingly outmoded circus roles
Roughly estimated
Instigated, with 'on'
Rust, e.g
Sea whose Wikipedia article is written in the past tense
It's in your jeans
Lead-in to '-ville'
Shade of gray
Leave thirsty
Sitting posture in yoga
Like Benadryl: Abbr
Some intersections
Like priests
Stock holder?
Lopsided win
Suffix of ordinals
Many a craft brew
Sun block?
Many East Asian World Heritage Sites
March ___
Sushi sauce
Massive star
Symbols of sovereignty
Mead ingredient
The Browns, on scoreboards
Method: Abbr
Things used for dumping ... or a literal hint to the answers to the starred clues?
Moisturizer brand
Morning fix, slangily
Ticked off
Nirvana, e.g
Ticks off
One keeping a secret, metaphorically
Triple-A jobs
One of eight in 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'
Pilot follower, maybe
Up to it
Pitcher Hideo Nomo, e.g., by birth
Vacation spot offering a warm welcome?
Peru's ___ Chávez International Airport
Pitchers' awards?
Pieces of three-pieces
Plains tribe
Without principles
Polish off
Woman famously evicted from her home
Pricey mushroom
Princess Charlotte, to Harry
Works in a museum
Prison weapon
[Poor, pitiful me!]
Pro ___
___ anchor (stay still, nautically)
___ Bravo
Bill Clinton or Barack Obama
Bird with blood-red eyes
'I know the answer!'
Box ___ (tree)
Came from on high
'Contact' org
Can't stand
Caterpillar alternative
'Hasta ___'
Certain keg attachment
'In a perfect world ...'
Common email attachments
'No way!'
'Oyez! Oyez!,' e.g
Constitutional Amendment about presidential election procedures
Continental trade grp., once
'Sounds good!'
Continuing source of irritation
'That's so kind of you!'
Course halves
'That's way better than I can do'
Course rarity
'The Matrix' character
'___ makes man wiser and clear-sighted': Vladimir Putin
*Battery boost
*Bringer of cold weather
*Help for users
Demands serious effort (of)
*Law enforcement target
Drain feature
*Moved closer to home?
Dream up
*Startling disclosure
Duke and others
*Stereotypical movie outcome
Empire once spanning three continents
*Very soon
Enter again, as data
19,000+-foot Peruvian volcano
Female friend: Lat
According to
Fig. usually expressed as a percentage
Adorable sort
First name in courtroom fiction
All thumbs
Fish dish that Nobu restaurants are noted for
Apollo 13 commander
Flag thrower
As we speak
Gave a thumbs-up
Be a good designated driver
Get soaked, say
Beat by a nose
Give up
Biblical son who was nearly sacrificed by his father
Grammy winner Morissette
Big name in notebooks

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