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John, Paul and John Paul
Comforting words
Proceeding from low to high
'The A-Team' actor with a mohawk
Yanks (on)
Make tiny criticisms
Prosciutto, e.g
Cookie with creme in the middle
___ carte
'Your turn,' on a walkie-talkie
Maze runner in an experiment
Dessert loaf
Road hazards that need filling
___ San Lucas (Baja resort city)
'___ and Circumstance'
Midwife's delivery
Ruler of old Russia
Dishevel, as the hair
___ tai (cocktail)
Circus enclosure
America's largest firearm manufacturer
Mountain overlooking Tokyo
Do stuff?
Appear to be
Musket attachment
Drift, as an aroma
Salary limit
Apple computer
Neighbor of Homer on 'The Simpsons'
Duel overseer in 'Hamlet'
Santa ___ winds
Ballad, e.g
Work ___ sweat
Eartha who sang 'C'est Si Bon'
Never, in Nuremberg
Secret ___ (007, for one)
Break off a relationship
Notable statistic for Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates
Egyptian god usually pictured with the head of an ibis
Simple as ___
Brewery products
Egyptian pyramid, e.g
Singer with the 1961 hit 'Big Bad John'
Extra 15% or so for a waiter
Opening number?
'I know what you're thinking' feeling, for short
Software trial runs
Bygone monthly for the 12-to-20 set
First word in a fairy tale
Originally named
Surface of a sty
Cable channel with many science shows, familiarly
Five-time N.B.A. championship-winning coach with the Lakers and the Heat
Tehran's land
Casino floor V.I.P
Four: Prefix
Undeveloped seed
CBS forensics franchise
Perfect attendance spoiler
Garfield, to Jon Arbuckle
Warlike Greek god
Cheap cigar, slangily
Physicians, for short
Henna, for one
'Be patient!'
Width's counterpart
Chew the fat
Hi-___ screen
Pitcher's stat
'Ready, ___, fire!'
Place to shower and brush one's teeth
High-performance engine
Yankees legend ___ Howard

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