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'___ go!'
King Kong, for one
Cozy accommodations for a traveler, informally
Opening strip on a package
Ties, as a score
Critical hosp. wing
Lacking vegetation
What may be created using the answers to the six starred clues?
Cry made while taking a bow
*A swimsuit might leave one
Landlord's income
*Ill-defined situations
Where a fishing boat ties up
Dame ___ Everage
Parts of college applications
Like the part of a pool with a diving board
*Important part of a plane
Where Noah's Ark landed
Passed, as laws
Detergents, e.g
Long-term legislator
*Moscow landmark
Ho-hum feeling
Digs made of twigs
Path of the tip of a pendulum
Wild feline
Longtime weatherman of morning TV
*Powerful object in 'The Hobbit'
With 51-Down, star of 'Wonder Woman'
Done for
Played on the green
*Starting point, metaphorically
YouTube revenue source
Doug Jones's home: Abbr
Pond carp
7'6' N.B.A. star ___ Ming
Eastern 'way'
Portuguese greeting
Abbr. in an email field
Marie ___ (women's magazine)
Electronica producer Brian
Precedent setter in court
Ancient handwritten volume
Equivalent of 'Inc.' in the U.K
Recede gradually
Michael of 'Batman' and 'Birdman'
Baghdad residents
Fathers, as foals
Rock's Burdon or Clapton
Musical Yoko
Baker's dozen?
Fish spawn
Mythological figure who takes a bow
'Gloria in excelsis ___' (carol chorus)
Best-selling detergent brand
Form of Elizabeth
Nostalgia-evoking, as fashion
Seasoning amt
Blue race in 'Avatar'
Good rating for a bond
Noted number on Downing Street
See 2-Down
Boeing rival
Off-script remark
Small bit
Clunker of a car
Offer a thought
Heroine of 'The Force Awakens'
Stars-and-stripes land
Counterpart of criminal
Old Palm smartphone
'99 Luftballons' singer

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