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N.Y.C. subway line
Unaffiliated voters: Abbr
Quick cuts
Finalize, as comic art
Reacting to an awkward moment, perhaps
#1 hit for the Troggs
Flashy accessories
Not so hot
Venice's Bridge of ___
'Show me your worst!'
Reggae singer ___ Kamoze
'It's a joke'
Number of suspects in Clue
Fleet of foot
Verb that's also a Roman numeral
Removable locks
Oil machinery
Water cooler?
Formal letter opener
Russian pancake
'Oh, really?'
Gathers dust
What Gollum calls 'my precious'
See 14-Down
Actor Cage, to friends
Original sauna users
Go gaga (over)
With 3-Down, Nintendo exercise offering
See 37-Across
Aperitif with black currant liqueur
Otto who worked on the Manhattan Project
Gold, frankincense and myrrh, famously
With 38-Across, cocktail with lemon or lime
Bad outcome for a QB: Abbr
Over, to Odette
Word before reach or reason
Bed size
Pandora released them
Sounding like Big Ben
Zamboni site
Item shot out of a cannon at an arena
Bit of bunny slope gear
Parsley portion
Source of the word 'whiskey'
J. Edgar Hoover used one: Abbr
Part of a guitar that also names something you can wear
Spam holders
J. Edgar Hoover's org
Pass on
Speaks like Sylvester
Jazz improvisations
Pasta choice
Close, as a community
Like the Cheshire cat
Start of some evasive maneuvering
Deliberate discourtesies
Petty criticisms
Loyal follower?
'Didn't need to know that!'
Static ___
Entertaining, in a way
Pop music's ___ Vanilli
Many Punjabis
Mother of Horus
Touch of color
Pupil's place
Face cards, informally?
Toyota hybrids, jocularly

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