Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 18th 2011) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Cost-of-living no.
Creatures with electrocytes
'Lift ___ Voice and Sing' (old hymn)
'My pleasure'
'Pushover' singer James
'Snow-Bound' setting
'The Franchise Affair' novelist
Flooring specialist?
Generative music pioneer
Give the twice-over?
Group of pages
Home of the ancient Olympic games
Issuing forth
It goes from one vessel to another
It's about 5 mL
Its entrance was barred with a flaming sword
Largely green kingdom
Like rankings
Like some insurance
Norman ___, coach in 'Hoosiers'
Not at all loose
Nutty stuff
One in 100
Outclass one's peers?
Poetic work with an account of Ragnarok
Providing relief, but not a cure
Religious observance
Right on
Romeo or Juliet
Round bodies
Sch. whose alumni constitute the Long Gray Line
Scottish doctor/explorer John
See 7-Down
Sop for aloo palak
ESPN reporter Andrews
Stop: Abbr.
Straight out of the dryer, perhaps
Takes night courses?
Teresa's home
Wally's bro
With 33-Across, confirmation, e.g.
Works on one's jumper, say
[I'm not happy about this]
___ incline
1,000,000,000 years
'Too rich for my blood'
1811 battle site
Android runner, e.g.
Artificial alternative to the sun
Athlete nicknamed 'O Rei'
Author/architect Buzzi
Bar closing?
Ceaseless drinking or gambling, say
Certain control freak
Chip, as flint, in Britain
City on the Ohio