Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 19th 2011) clues of New York Times crossword.

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19th Amendment beneficiaries
A, in Arnstadt
Acronymic weapon
Addition to café
Alaska Purchase negotiator
Amount that's settled for
Another name for Buddha
Athlete who wrote 'Off the Court'
Australia's Lake ___ National Park
Banks known as Mr. Cub
Bates's 'Misery' co-star
Bearer of a dozen roses, maybe
Before, to Byron
'Incidentally,' in chat rooms
Big name in California wine
Big-screen canine
Brute of fantasy
'Goodbye, place I used to live!'
'I agree completely, dog-eared bit of paper!'
Cable network with the motto 'Not reality. Actuality.'
'I read you loud and clear, breakfast meat!'
'I'd be miserable without you, tapestry!'
Caddie's offering
Certificate on a wall, maybe
'I've heard enough, retail outlet!'
Check out
'It was all my fault, gun attachment!'
Checked out before robbing
'Just keep doing what you're doing, suitcases!'
'Mr. ___' (1983 Styx hit)
'One if by land, two if by sea' and others
Con ___ (tenderly)
'Puss in Boots' figure
D.C.-based news source
'Rugrats' father
Diesel engine manufacturer
Diner of 1970s-'80s TV
'Stop right where you are, picture holder!'
Elementary school grads, typically
'The chair doesn't recognize you, steakhouse and chophouse!'
Endorser's need
'This looks like trouble!'
Explorer Richard Byrd's plane
'You're in danger, tall hill!'
Extinguished, with 'out'
'You're mistaken'
Fictional island in two Alistair MacLean novels
'___ Pearl' (Jackson 5 hit)
Former carrier name
Giveaway at the poker table
Gossip subject
Great body
Green-skinned god
Having more than one band
Home of Hallvard's ruined cathedral
Inasmuch as
Is 83-Across
James of 'X-Men' films
Jeans brand
Key group
Keys in a chain
Kipling poem about Burma
Lack of constraints
Lacking color
Land heavily
Lay the groundwork
Lemon juice, e.g.
Life saver?
Lift provider
Light TV fare
Like many sunscreens
Like racehorses
Make nonsensical notes?
Manicurist's aid
Michael of 'Juno'
Not just big
Nursery sounds
Nurses old grudges, say
Objected to a shearing, possibly
Symbol of royalty in old Egypt
The majority
Torch bearer
Turn down
TV host with 'New Rules'
Unable to relax
Vessels with spouts
Wayne's pal in 'Wayne's World'
Objectivist Rand
Old Jewish community
Old West gambling game
One of the Bobbsey twins
One that's passed along
Weapon, e.g., in military-speak
Over again
Panhellenic Games site
Patrons of the arts
Person of Perth
What you might get by moving a head?
Philip with a 1975 best seller on C.I.A. secrets
Philosophy suffix
With deviousness
Pop singer Lopez
Rented out
Roast V.I.P.
Runcible spoon feature
Work in the field
Scorecard blemish
See 93-Across
Serious attention
Showing deviousness
Sign symbol
Writing surface
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure
Situated at the thigh
Skunk, e.g.
Some nest builders
Something that shouldn't be flat
___ artist (film crew member)
Something well-preserved?
Soprano pineapple and others, briefly
Speak for everyone in the room
Spots before your eyes?
Sticky seedcase
___ avis
Surname in a Poe tale