Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 29th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

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'Make yourself scarce!'
'Private Practice' actor Diggs
'The Good Earth' wife
1970s-'80s band whose debut album was the soundtrack to a Richard Pryor film
1982 Razzie winner for 'Butterfly'
As much as possible
Attacks a project vigorously
Big piece of crust?
Brand once pitched by Lorne Greene
Callas contemporary
Casanova's love
Company whose mascot is Bobby Banana
Die down
Disgusting film
Doesn't just glance
Ethan Frome's sickly wife
Event worth celebrating
Factory-inspecting org
Former NPR host Hansen
Genre spoofed by 'The Cheap Detective'
Get the tab
Going up
Group of stars
Guitarist Segovia
Gunfight sound effect
Harass nonstop
Latent greatness
Light bulb, maybe
Like 'sissies'
Like ranch houses
Literally, 'man of the forest'
Long lunch?
Medieval entertainers
Military decoration that depicts a flying eagle
Newman's 'Hud' co-star
Not tipping to either side
Obama's birthplace
One form of the Egyptian god Set
Opening half?
Packs protectively
Pill bottle recommendation
Robert Devereux's earldom
Scotland, to poets
Self-evident proposition
Shipping base
Shut-in's caregiver, in Britain
Six-time Silver Slugger winner
Some Monopoly holdings
Something to chew on
Stranded motorists' aids
Tendency to push the envelope
The friends on 'Friends,' e.g
They have two legs
Title character of a 2002 Disney film
Type in
Werther's love in a Goethe novel
___ Chicken Shack (Chicago-based restaurant chain)