Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 3rd 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'Ars Amatoria' writer
'Bewitched' regular Paul
'I suspected as much!'
'It's the stupidest tea-party I ever was at in all my life!' speaker
'Rubber Duckie' singer
'The Addams Family' actor John
'The Ballad of ___,' 1967 comedy/western
'Young Frankenstein' role
1956 Ingrid Bergman/Yul Brynner film
1966 Florentine flooder
1998 home run race participant
A fire sign
About to happen
Actor Cary
Actor without lines
Approach clubs
At all, in dialect
Attention-getting sign
Avoided bogey
Biblical 'indeed'
Big name in suits
Big-box store
Biofuel source
Blog entry
Bordeaux grape
Cache for cash, say
Canters leisurely
Certain missile
Charitable creation
City that hosts the world's biggest annual game fair
Company that owns Lands' End
Company whose ads have 'Peanuts' characters
Complain loudly
Completely cover
Comply with
Consult, with 'to'
Crime film centerpiece
Critter with a lot of teeth
Cross the doorsill
Ending with farm or home
Entertain a party, in a way
Entertainment center location
Fictional friend of Peter the goatherd
Film composer Morricone
Floorboard problem
Food in many shapes
Foot, e.g
Furniture purchase
Future C.P.A.'s study
Gainesville athlete
Generally preferred work shift
Gershwin title character
Gliding dance step
Grammy-winning Weird Al Yankovic song
Headed heavenward
High-precision rifle user
Home to many John Constable works, with 'the'
In the distance
Its first car was the Model AA
Japanese kana character
Kojak's first name
Lead-ins to many YouTube videos
Like spam
Like used fire irons
Litter member
Made a misleading move, in football
Maker of Reynolds Wrap
Mens ___
Minister's reading
Moon shots?
Musandam Peninsula nation
Muscle woe
Near the center
Newswoman Roberts
Not be entirely independent
Nothing but
Officer's title
Old naval punishment
Olympic group?
Oscar winner for 'Little Miss Sunshine'
Pages (through)
Part of a calf
Part of L.A.P.D
Picket line?
Pods often pickled
Proves false
Raring to go
Really ridiculing
Saint Clare of Assisi's sister
Saloon singer Sylvia
Seasonal yield
Shoe part
Silently says 'So what?'
Single-masted boat
Sound heard at equestrian events
Source of the word 'bandanna'
Special creator?
Strip of weapons
Sunset color
Symbol used to mark England's National Trails
Tea flavoring
They get punched out
They're sometimes seen in banks
Thomas of stage and screen
Tour de force
Very tame tom
WARNING: Cutting tool required
WARNING: Do not open
WARNING: Effects on children unknown
WARNING: Improper use could lead to jealousy, treachery and/or war
WARNING: May cause damnation if swallowed
WARNING: May contain Greeks
WARNING: Possible heart-related side effects
WARNING: Suspension system prone to failure
Well-connected industrialists?
Wheel part
Wraps up
___ Beach (California surfing mecca)
___ Creed (statement of religious beliefs)
___ de deux
___ United (English football club)