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Outer layer of the cerebrum
Overthrow, e.g.
Perfect instance
Philosopher Mo-___
Portland's Rose Garden, e.g.
Puts up
Selma Lagerlöf's 'The Wonderful Adventures of ___'
Sign in the middle of town
Smith in Cooperstown
Surgical specialty, informally
Tech-savvy '24' woman
Tight rope?
Tiresias, e.g., in Greek myth
Trademarked spray
Twangy-sounding guitar
Western treaty grp.
What two fingers may signify
Where credit is given
Work divided by time, in physics
'All right!'
'At the Movies' bit
'Galifianakis wants you to call him back'?
'I should ___ die with pity, / To see another thus': King Lear
'Psycho' setting
'Twelfth Night' sir
A party (to)
Arouse, as someone's wrath
Bad match result?
Band with three self-titled albums (1994, 2001 and 2008)
Batch holder
Bernanke of the Fed
Biting comment
Brand with a torch in its logo
Brown of Newsweek/The Daily Beast
Cartoonist Chast
Chain 'links': Abbr.
China has only one
Decorative neckline insert
Dictator's underling
Do as Dürer did
Dolly, for one
Drawing pair, perhaps
Drummer's setup
Falafel bean
Famous Amos, e.g.?
Figurative device
Find new tenants for
First part of a record
Freeze out
Get the word out, perhaps
Gets a break, maybe
Greek god of fake tans?
Greeting on a computer?
Head of cabbage?: Abbr.
High-tech map subject
In need of some hammering out
Informal erotic reading?
Irksome response to 'You're avoiding the question'
Java flavor
Lightning Bolt
Madhouse at a G.O.P. convention?
Magical land
New Zealand : Kiwi :: Costa Rica : ___
Nonsexist, in a way
Number of holidays?
Of yore

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