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Artist Piet Mondrian's anagrammatic epigram
Auteur's order
Author ___ Mae Brown
B. B.'s bag
Babe Ruth, on the Yankees
Bara the 'vamp'
Bath's county
Beatles' '___ Loser'
Bit of clowning
Blow up
Brit's accented reply
Buff, so to speak
Canadian prairie tribe
Carmen Miranda's anagrammatic ballroom tip
Carrier in a canal
Cartoon skunk Le Pew
Classic work of Euclid
Congress-thwarting move
Coop flier
Cried 'Yee-haw!'
Cupid's stock
Director Martin Scorsese's anagrammatic claim
Domestic flights
Drive out of one's lane
Emmy-winning Daly
Emulated Demosthenes
Farm prefix
Fine subjects
Footless critter
Forward line players, in soccer
Gad about
Of planes and flying
Org. with a much-quoted journal
Oven ___
Overdo the diet
Oxlike antelope
Plantain lily
Poet Denise Levertov's anagrammatic urging
Poetic preposition
Prepare to be shot
Product of erosion
Product of erosion
Protectors from splats
Psychic shock
Purloin a sirloin?
Put to the proof
Quaker in the woods
Queen's servants
Rational faith in God
Recess for a joint
Rock's Bon ___
Rotten egg
Runs colorfully
Rustic sow-and-sows?
Say it's so
School door sign
Set straight
Setting for 'Don Pasquale'
Silky goat
Singer Cara
Slugger's stat
Sneaker bottoms
Something too easily broken
Song-and-dance shows
Get a rise out of?
Glaciated mountain peak
Grafting bud
Greet with old-fashioned etiquette
Hangers around the house
Have a hearth
Helmet plumes
Hole-making bug
Hors d'oeuvre cheese
How some country stars sing
In old show biz, he was no dummy
Jackknife, e.g.
Jockey Eddie Arcaro's anagrammatic motto
Kevin Costner's anagrammatic lament about his videos
King of comedy
Len Deighton's anagrammatic avowal on writing
Like a Nosy Parker
Like fast marches
Like whose eyes, in a Ben Jonson verse?
Lobster part
Lots and lots
MacGraw's namesakes
Many a lecturer
Masthead figs.
Melt down, as fat
Mudder fodder
Mythical monster
Name in a Beach Boys title
Not for sure
Stuff in a muffin
Sunshine in Québec
Tasselly hem
Teen-y problem
Tots' wheels, for short
Trilled calls
Trio abroad
Ullmann of moviedom
Ulysses S. Grant's anagrammatic advice regarding hangovers
Urban transports
What an ostiary guards
What Leary tripped on
Wheel track
Whence the word 'troll'
Where a pupil sits
Whine pathetically
Without letup
Without rocks
___ de Balzac
Alternate: Abbr.
'It's ___ move'
'Pure ___' (1994 jazz album)
'Sophie's Choice' author
A point in Mexico
Abbr. on a boombox
Any spider

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