Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (March 23rd 1997) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 130 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'An American in Paris' actress
'Cleopatra' extra
'It was ___ joke!'
'Jour de Fete' star
'No kidding!'
'Norma ___'
'Oh boy!'
'___ beam up' ('Star Trek' order)
1957 Nabokov novel
1978 Irving character
1984-88 Olympic figure-skating gold medalist
30's crooner Columbo
A season: Abbr.
Actress Russo
Aid for Santa
Alaska's first governor
Alphabet quartet
Amphora handle
Bergman in 'Casablanca'
Big dogs, for short
Burlesque activity
Catacomb recess
Certain intersection
Cold pack?
College building
Comes down pretty hard
Commences, as an adventure
Containing the 58th element
Cricket wicket
Disagreeable sorts, in slang
Ed.'s request
Edit, possibly
Epithet of Athena
Eur. airline
Fastballer known as 'The Express'
Fearless one
Gaines rival
Garden section: Var.
Goose egg
Grandson of Adam
Graphic beginning
Haughty refusal
He sank with the Scharnhorst
Hero robot of the comics
Hero sandwich
Horus's father
How a siren walks
Hungarian revolutionary Kun
Insulin, e.g.
Jimmy Carter alma mater: Abbr.
Joule fragments
Kin of 'Sacre bleu!'
Kind of fence
Kind of summit
Language authority Mario
Linguist Chomsky
Lion's prey
Louis I, to Charlemagne
M.P.'s prize
Math amts.
Medieval kingdom in western Europe
Mideast inn
Mississippi feeder
Morgan le Fay's brother
Obsession, e.g.
Old alms box
Old-time Yankee great Chase
One of a storied threesome
Ones providing arms
Open, in a way
Park item
Part of morning calisthenics
Phoenician, e.g.
Picture, commercially
Pitchers, in a way
Pop 50's-60's TV star?
Pop Anthony Burgess novel?
Pop dance team, informally?
Pop Peace Nobelist?
Pop product at a barbershop?
Pop setting for a Mussorgsky work?
Pop title role in a 1993 film?
Pop western of 1960?
Prefix with drama
Products of gamma rays
Protest in no uncertain terms
Rank below marquis
Scale notes
Scourge of serge
Shallow bay on England's east coast
Sheepherders of the Southwest
Slangy refusal
Soph. and others
Spiral ___
St. Theresa's birthplace
Surveyor's chart
Swedish money
Tavern need: Abbr.
Thatching palm
The Beatles' 'I'm ___'
Thin, overseas
Tiny payment
Truman's birthplace
Vibrating effect
Waves at, perhaps
Weed with purplish flowers: Var.
Where charges may show up
Where scissors are made?
Without ___ of hope
___ de pont (bridgehead)
___ Orchestra (popular 30's band)
___ prius (trial court)
___ Rogers St. Johns
___-tresses (orchid)