Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 13th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Ones to watch
Org. with a flower logo
Patty alternative?
Performances at Paris's Palais Garnier
Performer in makeup, typically
Player of Robin Hood in 1991
Poetic tribute
Prefix with center
Previous name for an athletic conference now with 12 members
Put in order
Rainbows, e.g
Real lookers?
Revolting sorts
Satanic look
Slice of a timeline
Some TV ads, for short
Something taken on a field?
Southernmost of the Lesser Antilles
Sped (along)
Statistician's grouping
Swing time?
The rite place?
Thompson of 'Selma'
To whom Brabantio says 'Thou art a villain'
Tot's wear
Be traitorous to
Good name for an extreme sports dating site?
Not new
UTEP team
Big Apple cultural site, with 'the'
NPR host Shapiro
Victor's shout
Big loss
Group dance with stomps and claps
Burger topper
Gum ingredient
Number one pal
Camping menace
Had a table for one
Numerical prefix
Carbo-loading dish
Hit hard
O.T.C. O.K.'er
Went through channels?
Certain computer whiz
Hitter's hitter
Obsolescent high school course, informally
Whole lot
Certain layers
One of the Brontës
[Avoid watching this in front of the boss]
Chairman and ___ (common title)
In amazement
Ones passed on a track
'2 funny!!!'
___ Aviv
Chaperones, usually
Instrument plucked with a mezrab
___ Bread (cafe chain)
Chinese leader Xi
It's all in the head
___ colada
Command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard
IV checkers
Comparable (to)
John of the Velvet Underground
Cookie holder
Cools one's heels
Kitty-cat, e.g
Deep defenses
Like child's play
'I'll return shortly,' in a text
Digitize, in a way
Like early Elvis recordings
Dignified lady
'Just ___ suspected'
Lincoln Logs and such
Down Under hopper
'That doesn't impress me much'
Lincoln's home: Abbr
Emerald or aquamarine
'That's mine!'
Litter's littlest
Endlessly starting over
'The Simpsons' or 'Futurama'
Long span
'To Live and Die ___'
Lowly workers
First things to go into jammies
Manning with the second-longest QB starting streak in N.F.L. history
Fruit drink
Member of a southern colony
'Trading Spaces' host Davis
Gather around, as an idol
Model Page known as 'The Queen of Pinups'
'___ you the clever one!'
George ___ University
Monster slain by Hercules
1940s vice president Wallace
German interjections
1988 top 10 hit for Tracy Chapman
Geronimo, for one
A shroud of secrecy, idiomatically
Actor whose first and last names look like they rhyme, but don't
Good name for a 'High Noon'-themed dating site?
Napa Valley vintner Robert
Good name for a carpentry dating site?
Natural light beam
Good name for a dating site for lovers of natural foods?
Nautical title, informally
Good name for a dating site full of hot dudes?
Naval officer: Abbr
Arcade hoops game
Good name for a dating site of massage therapists?
Neat as ___
Back in time
Good name for a deep kissers' dating site?
Back-of-newspaper section
Good name for a non-monogamist dating site?
North Carolina university