Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 24th 2009) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'Ain't ___ Sweet'
'Behold!,' to Pilate
'Chicago' song
'Cut it out!'
'Exodus' actor
'Here ___!'
'I ___ sorry!'
'My Fair Lady' lady
'Perhaps ...'
'Same here'
'That's disgusting!'
'Win ___ of ...' (contest come-on)
'___ framed!'
'___ said!'
*1974 Carl Carlton hit
*2007 Ken Follett novel
*Alexander Pope phrase appropriate to the start of a sports season
*Bond film that's a real gem?
*Song by Tejano singer Selena
24 hrs. ago
A.T.M. button
About to cry
Actress Skye
An original Star Alliance airline
Animator's shriek
Arthur ___, inventor of the crossword puzzle
Attention getters
Baking need
Be alive
Bench presser's muscle, briefly
Biblical interpretations
Big ray
Boss: Abbr.
Brain tests, for short
Buddhist school
By way of
C to C#, e.g.
Cannes subject
Carriage driver's need
Caterpillar rival
Certain pop
Chocolate choice
Classic Cremona family
Clicker target
Clubber Lang portrayer in 'Rocky III'
Common thing to count in
Composer's creation
Computer switch
Conforms (with)
Cookie store
Cornfield sound
Country whose national anthem's title means 'The Hope': Abbr.
Cousin of a stork
Cut off all intake
Descartes portraitist
Do ___ burn
Down Under critter
England's first Stuart king
Film buff's channel
Gonitis locale
Good 'Dancing With the Stars' scores
Grace, basically
Greek consonants
Handyman's letters
Has thirds or fourths, say
In and of ___
James or Jackson
Jazzy Laine
Kiln for hops
Kisser, so to speak
Knesset : Jerusalem :: Storting : ___
Legal org.
Like some food
Literary ___
Lived it up
Makeup target
Med. care option
Met regular, e.g.
Mile High Center designer
Most in need of help
Most ready for commitment?
Newsman Peter and others
North of Virginia
Noticeably old, as paper
Nursery sights
OS X users
Overhead light?
Own (up)
Platoon, e.g.
Price point?
Quaint stopovers
Razor brand
River of Flanders
Roman ___
Scot's exclamation
See note
Set off
Six years before the Battle of Hastings
Slipcover trim
South American tuber
Southwest tribe
Sylvia Plath's last book of poetry
Take ___ view of
Term opener?
The fish in John McPhee's 'The Founding Fish'
The March King
They can swing
They often come in threes
Tiny scurriers
Tolstoy's 'The Death of ___ Ilyich'
Trig ratios
Turkish sweets
Turner autobiography
Victorian home features
Volatile stuff
Wall St. deal
Where 'thy will' will be done, partly
Won't let go of
___ number