Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 27th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 142 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'A madness most discreet,' per Romeo
'Boris ___'
'Cómo ___?'
'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper
'Get Smart' robot
'I want my ___!' (old advertising catchphrase)
'I ___ bored!'
'It's the Hard-Knock Life' musical
'Lorna ___'
'Lose Yourself' rapper
'Thanks ___!'
'The Goodbye Kiss' author Massimo
'Wanderings: Chaim ___ Story of the Jews'
'___ Majesty's Secret Service'
'___ my garment and my mantle': Ezra 9:3
*'Commonwealth' statue and a keystone
*Abraham Lincoln
*Covered wagon next to Chimney Rock
*Lewis and Clark and the Gateway Arch
*Old Man of the Mountain rock formation
*Patriot Caesar Rodney on horseback
*Racehorse in front of the Federal Hill mansion
*Rice stalks, a diamond and a mallard
*Rocky Mountains
*Scissor-tailed flycatcher with wildflowers
*Statehouse dome
*The Great Lakes
110-Across set in Egypt
Arctic ___ (pole-to-pole migrator)
Area that's frequently swept?
Athletic awards since 1993
Author Jorge
Battery type
Beach lotion abbr
Beauty contest since 1952
Belgian river
Billing fig
Bingo alternative?
Birth control pioneer Margaret
Cabinet dept. since 1979
Cereal killer?
Civil defense devices
Common sweetener
D-backs, e.g
Designer Vera
Do dos, say
E.M.T. application
Eager reporter
Entourage, in slang
ET carrier
Fair sight
Father of the Blues
Film composer Morricone
French Baroque artist who painted 'The Fortune Teller'
Go by
Go up
Goes across
Greenhouse workers
Handlers of brats
Help in a bind
Herring varieties
Hide pokers
Home to the National Voting Rights Museum
Homo, for one
Hosiery shade
Hosp. zones
Irons, in Paris
Islamic analogue of kosher
Island protector
Island province of the Roman Empire
Kind of farming that doesn't disturb the soil
Lacking rhyme or reason
Like many music reissues
Like the eastern part of Russia
Like the scent of many cleaners
Like zombies
Lord or vassal
Military jacket with a furry hood
Move toward the middle
Much-quoted line from Edgar in 'King Lear'
Nassau residents
Neighbor of Poland: Abbr
Not flabby
Noted exile of 1979
Old comic book cowboy
Old French coin
Ones getting away
Outgrowth from the base of a grass blade
Outlets in a chemistry lab
P.R. problem
Parallel, e.g
Part of many a freight train
Part of Russia next to Finland
Party hat?
Person running the show
Postcard in a barrel, perhaps
Prefix with center
Quarter-mile, for many tracks
Race, as an engine
Reduce to a symbol
Result of failing banks?
Royal title that means 'great house'
Saint in a Sir Walter Scott title
See 108-Across
See 89-Across
Severely parched
Simpson girl
Sinuous character
Snake predators named for their calls
Some baseball scores: Abbr
Some dabblers
Spring ___
Stretched out
Suffix with form
Sui ___
Tennis's Stefan
The Perfesser's nephew in the comic strip 'Shoe'
Transition point
Uncool types
United in purpose
Venture to postulate
Versatile delivery vehicles
What a poor listener may have
Winter solvent
With 95-Down, 'The Royal Family of Broadway' star, 1930
Word repeated before 'tekel' in biblical writing on the wall
Zales rival
___ belli (war-provoking act)
___ West