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'Forever, ___' (1996 humor book)
'Let's get together'
2007 Ellen Page film
Article with an ushiromigoro
Bedlam let loose
Better halves
Charlotte of 'The Facts of Life'
City gained by Rome during the First Punic War
Composer Camille Saint-___
Da capo ___
Dana of 'MacGyver'
Dinar spender
Drove together
Event for a rapper?
Explorer born around A.D. 970
Extra life, in a video game
Five-star W.W. II hero, informally
Fr. title
French comment that may elicit the reply 'de rien'
Furniture wood
Goes bad
Henry who founded Cadillac
Highland girls
Highly successful
International magazine founded in France in 1945
Is, in math
Its state sport is rodeo: Abbr
John who wrote 'The Beggar's Opera'
La ___, Wis
Large roll
Like the six longest answers in this puzzle
Long time
LP problem
Mic holders
More than one-ninth of the earth's land
Move at all
Moving about
One leaving a personnel director's office, maybe
Org. associated with U.S. Cyber Command
Orthodontic add-ons
Passport for foreign travel, e.g
Persistent Seuss character
Pre-texting texts, for short
Prefix with technology
Prey for a dingo
Pricey cars, informally
Prop in 'Cinderella'
Red letters?
Role in 'Hook'
Runaway success
Sch. with the mascot Paydirt Pete
Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland
Shooters' grp.?
Single-mom sitcom of the 2000s
Some coolant fluids, for short
Spanish citrus fruit
Speaker of the line 'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope'
Study of trees?
Sugar suffix
Survey staple
The Spartans, briefly
They're on haciendas
TV accessories
Where Spike Lee earned his M.F.A
Word before and after 'à'
Work on ___ (sunbathe)

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