Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 4th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

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What the middle of the U.S. is usually on, for short
Dentist's direction
It has a large holding area
What's not going anywhere?
Private eyes
___ machine (restaurant fixture)
'How about we get started?!'
Director Anderson
Proceed on one's way
1940s P.M
Animal with a big bite, informally
'Mere rhetoric is not enough'
Keeper of the books, for short
Put together
Apt rhyme for 'casino'
Lack of polish
Research done outside the lab
Arrivals in 'Arrival,' for short
Evangelist's exhortation
'___ Olvidados' (1950 Luis Buñuel film)
Lay eyes on
Sci-fi writer McCaffrey, who was the first woman to win a Hugo for fiction
Exact revenge legally
Liberal arts dept
Becomes successful
Long-running procedural
Slangy turndown
Breakfast item in a box
Natural seasoning
Fixed rate
Snack at a county fair or baseball park
Bring (out)
Not a team player
French city where an English/French treaty was signed in 1420
Some animal tissue
Brit's exclamation
Not eat
Freshwater minnow
Some hand waves
Comparatively twisted
One of the Greats?
Gave secondhand?
Computer menu heading
Good name for an optometrist
One signatory to the Treaty of Fort Laramie
Subversive use of computers to promote a political agenda
One who gets the show on the road
Texting preamble
Contemporary of Hosea
'May I help you?'
Gray area?
Org. found early in the phone book
The K.C. Chiefs are in it
Crown holders
Have a good time
Plant tissue
Tsp. or tbsp
Indiana Jones pursuit
Pool surface
What has a lot in store for you?
DC area?