Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 8th 2012) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'His Master's Voice' company
'Rent' actor Diggs
'You're right!'
'___, Brute?'
Assesses one's options carefully
Barn door fastener
Bird with prized plumes
Build up a nest egg
Campus near Beverly Hills, briefly
Canned pumpkin, e.g
Cause of some weaving, for short
Charges in court
Cryptologists' org
Domed home
Early stop in a presidential race
Early TV star with a biography titled 'Schnozzola'
Edvard Munch depiction
Elmer with a big gun
Extravagant publicity
F1 neighbor on a PC
Fearsome dino
Fed. agency entrusted with food safety
Figure skating jump
First, second, third or home
Gehrig on the diamond
Group whose music is heard in 'Mamma Mia!'
It turns red in acid
Kurt who wrote the music for 'The Threepenny Opera'
Last part of Handel's 'Messiah'
Light, rhythmic cadence
Like the Sabin polio vaccine
Lotharios' lines in a singles bar?
Magazine whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet
Maker of the Soul and Optima
Makes up (for)
Measure of electrical resistance
Meet with
Names on fake IDs, perhaps
Old NATO target
One often on the march
One preparing corn for long hours?
Outback sprinters
Part of a poker player's pile
Past its sell-by date
Phony wedding?
Pickling solution
Prince who married Kate Middleton
Program abbr
Prop up
Seed containers
Ship's framework
Shoemaker's tool
Spheric opener?
Spot for a band
Store featured in 'Miracle on 34th Street'
Take it easy
Take the lid off
The 'L' in 57-Across
Tree with a namesake ski destination
U.N. agency for workers
Virtual address
Waxed enthusiastic, say
Western alliance, for short
White with age
Winner of a pea-preparing contest?