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'Be patient'
'Do it just for me,' e.g.
'Don't evade the question!'
'It's ___ for!' ('I love it!')
'This is ___ for Superman!'
'___ to differ'
A whole lot
Affectedly quaint, in England
Agreeing (with)
Airport signs
Alley Oop's lady
Be greedy about
Be plentiful
Belly down
Big man in Sherwood Forest
Capital of Veracruz
Christmas poem opener
City NNW of Madrid
Completely puzzled
Con artist
Cookbook meas.
Cote inhabitants
Court letters?
Current amount
Declaration of education
Deli display
Eighty shares of stock, maybe
Fancy entrance
Folksinger Guthrie
Grills, as steaks
Half of an old comedy duo
I love: Lat.
II or III, say
Items for a transportation museum, now
Letter-shaped hardware
Life lines?
Like many movies nowadays
Like military academies, today
Locks in a barn?
Low-heeled, wing-tip shoe
Modern industry classification
MS. enclosure
One faced with many bills
One not user-friendly?
One of a British group
Opposite of wasted
Oscars' org.
Parakeets' kin
Presumed facts
Restaurant comp
Sermon ender?
Shampooing stages
Some fruits
Surviving, as a tough situation
Term of address, in urban slang
Time in the early afternoon
Time of one's life
Tire abbr.
Twice tetra-
Villain in the story named by the starts of 17-, 25-, 47- and 57-Across
W.W. II command: Abbr.
Was sore
Wind instruments
Work without ___ (be daring)
Worked with rattan
Zoo attractions

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