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'It's true!'
'Let me repeat ...'
'Love ___ Ball' (1963 comedy)
Almost here
Altair or Sirius
Any of the three Lancaster kings
Bar hurdles, briefly
Bits of ingenuity
British rocker Hitchcock
Bug-eyed ones, for short?
Concrete section
Course accessory
Didn't remove neatly
Dweller along the Sea of Galilee
Early Syrian
Encl. to an editor
Farm machine
Farm units
Goes against
He lost to Dwight twice
Holiday ___
Houston hockey team
Hush-hush W.W. II agcy.
Hybrid on the range
It acquired Lotus in 1995
It may need clearing
Katz of 'Hocus Pocus'
Kin of -ist
Kind of drill
Legal, in a way
Legend maker
Like some warnings
Make blank
Mock phrase of insight
Music genre
Not so rosy
One of the Titans
One way to wait
Part of some rtes.
Polite word in Potsdam
Precedent setters
Property recipient
Response to a knock, perhaps
Seat of Ward County, N.D.
See 52-Across
Skilled enough
Some programs are written in it
South of France
Space between
Start of a Chinese game
Start of an expiration notice
Stuff on a bat
Suffix with Congo
Superlatively sexy
Three-time Best Director
Top-level worker?
Ward on a set
Way to the nave
Whom Shelley wept for
Willful woman?
With 57-Across, story in the offing?
Xerox competitor

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