Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 2nd 2008) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 136 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Prominent stars in constellations
Pumpkin bomb-throwing enemy of 115-Across, with 'the'
Pupil's spot
Quattro + due
Related to base eight
Royals abroad, maybe
Rubber that meets the road
Run down
Scottish cattle breed
Scratch cause
Selfish cry before and after 'all'
Setting of the painting 'Washington Crossing the Delaware'
Shoelace ends: Var.
Sight from the Bering Sea
Singer Lauper
Small program
Some intellectual property: Abbr.
Sp. matrons
Stake attachment, maybe
Sticky stuff
Stopwatch info
Suffix with glass
Suffix with puppet
System of beliefs
Takes in, say
Taliban leader
Tentacled enemy of 115-Across
The planet Venus
Theme of this puzzle
They run through South America
They work on Steinways
They're hidden in a Hirschfeld sketch
Home of Rapid City: Abbr.
Hosp. staff
Identify from memory
Immunity ___ on 'Survivor'
Indian fort locale
It's covered by a sleeve
Joan of Arc's crime
Largest moon of Uranus
Laundry whitener
Learn easily
Leaves behind
Legal org.
Let up
Looks good on
Lux. locale
Memo starter
Mess up
Modern test subj.
Mohawk, for one
Monet painting also known as 'The Woman in the Green Dress'
Nabokov heroine
Natural sweetener
Never, in Nürnberg
Old campus grp.
Others, in Latin
Person with a public address
Plant with tendrils
Tie followers, briefly
To boot
Vintage wheels
Visual presentation of what gave 115-Across special powers
Water brand
Way overseas
What's more
Where you might see 115-Across
White-glove affairs
Wish granters
Wooden shoe
Young business partner?
'Don't look ___ that way!'
'London Fields' author
'Scenes From a ___' (Woody Allen film)
'Show me!'
'___ fool ...'
'Sort of' ending
'___ see'
10-G, e.g.: Abbr.
115-Across's day job
Abbr. in a real estate ad
Actor Jeremy of 'North Country'
All excited
Amplifier jack letters
And more: Abbr.
Astrologers' work
Baby carrier brand
Bandleader Puente
Big time?
Book before Daniel: Abbr.
California's High ___
Chewy cookie
Coffee order
Comfy shoe
Company leaders: Abbr.
Dim perception
Drawers in a laundry room
Dress lines
Economics fig.
Falafel sandwich sauce
Film star who played 115-Across
Film star who played 26-Down
Film star who played 38-Across
Firewood measures
Food writer Rombauer and others
French goose
Full assembly
Geraint's beloved
Gibson's 'Ransom' co-star
Girl's name meaning 'happy'
Glamorous Gardner
Go (for)
Goes ballistic
Handel opera based on Greek myth
Hardly luxurious
High ways?