Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 9th 2003) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 138 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'Deliver Us From ___' (2003 romantic comedy)
'Kate & ___'
'Olympia' painter
1980's arcade game
1994 Costner role
2002's 'Star Trek: ___'
Acting up
Advisers of old
Arc lamp gas
Baker v. ___, 1962 Supreme Court case
Bantu language
Barroom foot rest
Begin again
Big name in chips
Bird perch
Brewer's need
Bygone carrier
C.O.'s hangouts
Center of L.A.
Certain evergreens
Clear the slate
Cone site
Curving lake's shape
Daily trippers?
Danced wildly
Deal (out)
Deli slice
Dixieland horns
Double takes?
El ___ (Chevy vehicles)
Enterprise rival
Fittin' nickname for Richard III?
Forest flautist
Friendly greetin' from Fido?
Gets better at
Goes site-seeing?
Good at one's job
Harmonia's father
Hebridean island
Hole-making tools
In love
Infamous 1971 air pirate
Islands belonging to Portugal
Israeli P.M., 1969-74
Jacob tricked him
Jamie of 'M*A*S*H'
Kidman's 'Dead Calm' co-star
Liable to snap
Liberal, slangily
Like fillets
Like some fruit bats
Lionel Richie's 'You ___'
Long talk
Major part of sumo wrestlin'?
Mark's replacement
Marsh growth
Mideast capital
Museum piece
Negro Leagues legend
Not appointed
Not cutting-edge
O'Casey and O'Kelly
Olympic swimmer Janet
One with an antenna
One with class?
Opposite of White playin' chess patiently?
Orange container
Oxford's ___ Miss
Partly melted
Pass over
Present opener?
Price tag qualifier
Problem that grandma had after usin' poorly-made jars?
Process, as ore
Public works project
Put on the page
Quite a while
Realm with constantly changin' borders?
Removes, as excess water
Russians write in it
Satirist Belloc
Senators' grp.
Slapstick prop
Smash into
Speed demons
Spread down?
St. Valentine's Day Massacre organizer
Stage equipment
Star representing the Hunter's foot
Suspended state: Var.
Take another bow?
Talks twaddle
They go up and down
Trail mix tidbits
Traveling speakers
Turkey ___
TV cartoon boy
Two-mile-high capital
U-shaped devices
Unfamiliar face
University in Hamilton, N.Y.
URL ending
Verne hero
Wearer of pointy-toed shoes
What Commissioner Gordon is always findin' at Gotham City crime scenes?
What power lines near cornfields might be doin'?
What the security officer was doin' in womenswear?
With a good chance of success
Wood cutters
Word before oven or cupboard
Workin' a bit too zealously as a theater usher?
Writer Sontag
Writer Zora ___ Hurston
Wu ___ (martial art)
___ boom bah
___ culpa
___ de Boulogne
___ jacket
___ Scowcroft, former presidential adviser