Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 13th 2006) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Vent, e.g.
Went through, as someone else's drawers
Year Louis III became Holy Roman emperor
___ de Glace, glacier on the north slope of Mont Blanc
___ Novotny, 1950's-60's Czech president
Abbr. in a personals ad
'Awake, arise ___ forever fallen!': Milton
1958 Vincente Minnelli film
1960's girl group, with 'the'
32.81 feet
A 'South Park' kid
Adam or Eve vis-à-vis 6-Down
Aircraft engine holder
Athlete's snack
Bedside container
Bring (up)
Calculating types
Deprive by force
Doesn't seem right
Figs. with two hyphens
Frederick IX's land
General Mills cereal trademark
George Sand's 'Elle et ___'
Group that shares its name with a 1930 Howard Hughes film
Gun-toting types
High points
Indefinitely repeatable
It's just one thing after another
Kind of set
Like bicycles and organs
Magicians' magazine since 1936
Matter at court
Mies van der ___
Moon valleys
Mud dauber, e.g.
Negotiation preceders
No longer minding one's business?
Not straight up
P.O. items
Person in the morning
Picnic implement
Qajar dynasty's domain
See 32-Across
Sitcom character in apartment 5B
Snake, e.g.
Some baseball stats: Abbr.
Some wide-angle pics
Staying someplace temporarily, after 'in'
Student of Titian
Studio behind 'American Beauty'
Subject of an encoded message, maybe
Subject of the biography 'Road to Peace'
The woman in 'An Unmarried Woman'
Three times: Prefix
Torch carriers