Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 16th 2018) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Adjust, as an alarm clock
Frisbee, e.g
Serving in a bowl with milk
Moon of Jupiter
Shrimper's accessory
Agreeing (with)
Girl group that's also the name of a cable channel
Mortarboard trim
Sicilian volcano
Bad thing to go flat
Gotham City hotline
One of two parts of a shirt
Siouan people
Baggage checker at the airport, for short
Greek 'P'
One or two tablets, say
Something to believe in
Barbershop quartet voice
'He was,' in Latin
Period of sleep with dreaming
Home of the Circus Maximus
Card groupings in canasta
Periodical format not much seen nowadays
T-shirt material
Carson's predecessor on 'The Tonight Show'
Perlman of 'Cheers'
Insurance giant bailed out in the Great Recession
Talking horse of '60s TV
Classic activity for family night
Pic from a stick
Tent, backpack, hiking shoes, etc
Justice Kagan
Colorful pond fish
Political figure granted asylum by Anwar Sadat
Lead-in to punk or Cuban, in music
Volkswagen sedan
Comment of resignation applicable to 17-, 28- and 50-Across?
'Bewitched' witch, in 1960s TV
Product of the Coors Brewing Company
'Who ___?' (amnesiac's query)
Leader whose death sparked the Year of the Four Emperors
Weave's partner
'It's ___' ('O.K. for liftoff')
Competitor of the Essex or Hupmobile
Quickest tennis point
Lee of Marvel Comics
Westernmost state capital in the contiguous United States
Radius, for one
Letter to the ___
What many college students accrue
Deer hunter's trophy
'On the Waterfront' director Elia
Rear, at sea
Like a pet dog from a pound
Without intermission, as a play
Did a 5K, say
'___ Mia' (1965 #4 hit for Jay & the Americans)
Resistance unit
Like potpourri
___ and cheese
Dirt road feature
'___, Brute?'
Sand wedge, for one
Luau tuber
Dream up
A ways away
Scuba necessities
Male duck
Expressive rock style
Acorn producers
Seafood item often served with a lemon wedge
Meyers of 'Late Night'
Fanatical supporter
Actor and bridge expert Sharif
Money execs