Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 24th 2015) clues of New York Times crossword.

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A tot often goes out in the middle of it
'As elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you could find anywhere outside an advertising agency,' per Raymond Chandler
'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' star
'Little Miss Sunshine' Oscar winner
1-Across wearer, e.g
8:00-6:00 routines, say
Bank opening?
Cosmopolitan place
Course material, maybe
Cover for a Muslim woman's face
Dismiss unceremoniously
Don Juans
Ends up with
Epoch when horses first appeared
Experience of riding a roller coaster
Fancier of melliferous plants
Faxon who won a 2011 screenwriting Oscar
How many experiments are done
Instruments for old street musicians
Its motto is 'Excelsior': Abbr
Jacques ___, French psychoanalyst who studied hysteria
Lead-in to an exalted leader's name
Like Yogi Berra, often
Look inside?
Mister abroad
Moving walkway maker
N.F.L. record-holder for most retired jersey numbers
Nail polish removers, e.g
Net Nanny no-nos
Ones passing notes?
Org. with an annual list of top baby names
Pea soup
Pre-bout wear
Pseudonym of Freud's famed hysteria patient
Publishing option when all else fails
Really, informally
Reason for some averted looks, for short
Religious grp. observing Family Home Evening
Sch. yardstick
Section one
See 42-Down
Sen. Gillibrand
Singer who has recorded in Tolkien's Elvish language
Sock attachment?
Some Medal of Honor recipients
Starter on square a1, h1, a8 or h8
Stir up
Tahoe, e.g
They're 50-50
Things some people need to get off their backs
Two of Ferdinand VII's wives, to Ferdinand VII
Vase maker
What a firefighter might leave footprints in
What you might hear halting speech in, for short
When preliminary steps are taken?
Willy of the 'Free Willy' movies, e.g
With 56-Across, a smartphone notification
You might give them away after burning them