Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 25th 2015) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Forecast that might call for gloves and galoshes
Gamer's prefix with pets
Goose egg
Gutter locales
Guy whose face might get slapped
Halloween costume for ... a CNN anchor?
Hard labor spot
Head, for short
Hotel capacity: Abbr
How a phone may be slammed down
In sufficient quantity
Info for an airport run
Insouciant syllables
Is a buttinsky
It never goes off
Letters before many a state's name
Like a pirate's treasure
Like Christmas lights
Like ooze
Like some Roman aphorisms
Like the expression 'Sakes alive!'
Longtime Chicago Symphony conductor
Mai ___
Maxim tear-out
Mil. authority
Net results?
No one says his art was pointless
Noted remover of locks
One of three for J. R. R. Tolkien: Abbr
One of two at a wedding
One running races for a living?
Out of action, in baseball lingo
Party straggler
Petty braggart
Polite rural reply
Position of greatest importance
Really get to
Religious deg
Resembles week-old flowers, say
Retired boomer
Sauce brand since 1937
Scand. country
Scored between 90 and 100, say
Side dish that's sometimes mashed
Singer Falana and others
Sleep on it
Slimy stuff
Sports org. with 25-Across
Spreadsheet input
Start of a rationalization
Stimpy's TV pal
Summer romance, maybe
Tater Tots maker
The 'V' of R.S.V.P
The George W. Bush years, e.g
Theater sign
Three times daily, in Rx's
Tic-tac-toe starters?
Too, too
Torn asunder
Tuba sound
Tuition, e.g
Turbaned sort
Water, e.g.: Abbr
When the French toast?
Who said 'In waking a tiger, use a long stick'
Winter Olympics equipment
Winter Olympics event
Yiddish cries
You can't predict the weather with this
___ fault
___ juice (milk)
___ mission
'Time heals all wounds' and others
'Be that way!'
'Cómo ___ usted?'
'Do we have approval?'
'Lord, We Ask Thee ___ We Part' (hymn)
'Run to ___' (1961 hit)
'Trick' or 'treat,' e.g
'Where should ___ the check?'
... a former 'Dateline' host?
... a onetime House speaker?
... a pop/folk singer with numerous 1970s hits?
... a silent film star?
... an old Notre Dame basketball coach?
7-5, e.g
Actor Marvin
Actress Kedrova who won an Oscar for 'Zorba the Greek'
Ancient Hebrew liquid measure
Attic function
Bank abbr
Be unsatisfied with, say
Beehive hairstyle, e.g
Book after Exodus: Abbr
Brewer Coors
Carpet fuzz
Cell part
Children, in legalese
Church leaders
Coal extractors
Coke, to Pepsi
Collier's transport
Comment made with a handshake
Common sitcom rating
Con man
Conference USA sch
Cool, as soup
Cribbage one-pointers
Cry of surprise
Do really well on a test
Doesn't take any chances
Eastern sch. with a noted film program
Eponym of a hot dog chain
Execute perfectly
Fact addition
Fender product
Figure above God's throne, in Isaiah
First-aid supply