Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 31st 2015) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Site of an arrangement
Soap dish, possibly?
Socializes (with)
Soft top
Some printers
Suddenly and angrily stop playing a game, in modern lingo
Targets of a so-called 'juice cleanse'
Test tube material
Ways of sitting in yoga
Western union locale?
What clones share
White matter component
Word that can be common
___ Park
Academy omissions
'It Can Wait' spot, e.g
'Radiolab' producer
'What's that?'
1946 Goethe Prize winner
1960s-'80s Chevrolet coupe utility vehicle
Accident figures, for short
Attention-grabbing riff, perhaps
Aural measure
Bid for a balanced hand
Blueprint notation
British Invasion group
Came clean
Candy company that makes gummy bears
Car and Driver assignment
Charlie Brown, e.g
Classic 1971 album that closes with 'Riders on the Storm'
Coldwell Banker competitor
Dance floor abilities
Decorative fixture
Deferential respect
Diner stack
Dope, say
Eating at the bar, perhaps
Former Baath Party stronghold
Former chain store for kids
Gangsta rap characters
Gaynor with the one-woman show 'Razzle Dazzle!'
Get stuck
Hardly pleased with
Healthful beverage high in antioxidants
In a manner of speaking
Invited over for coffee, say
Johnny who used to cry 'Come on down!'
Knocked down
Light fountain selections
Like the explorer Henry Hudson
Linguists study them
Look to do some character assassination
Many a Snapchat user
Mellows out
One to one, e.g
Planks work them
Possible consequence of cheating
Progressive business: Abbr
Puts up a jumper, say
Rows that run deep
Secure, as help
Shares quarters (with)
Short, sharp, metallic sound
Simple, simple, simple