Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 4th 1998) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 139 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

'Breezy' star, 1973
'Eight Men Out' star
'Look here!'
'Master of the World' director William
It's served in shreds
Kind of fire
Last words of Little Jack Horner
Let down, perhaps
Like a golf ball
Like peacocks, among all birds
Little sucker
Mideast entity
Mil. award
Mimics 113-Across
More than desires
More, in Madrid
Neoprene gasket
No-hitter king
Not of the cloth
Old-fashioned cold remedy
One of the Power Rangers
One with pin tales?
Overcome utterly
Parent's ploy
Part of some E-mail addresses
Part of some E-mail addresses
Part of the Net, for short
Participates in a vigil, maybe
Picnic pest
Racer's path
Raised-eyebrow remarks
Refuse visitors
Reprimander's reading
Rhône's capital
College in East Orange, N.J.
Colonial leader?
Completely mistaken
Content of some pits
Creation of Burr Tillstrom
Disney's '___ and the Detectives'
Disney's Michael
Displays displeasure
Dockworker's org.
Dr. in an H. G. Wells novel
Dr. Johnny Fever's station
Ear-piercing pooch
Eastern Christian
Eisenhower appointee to the Supreme Court
Exert oneself to the utmost
Explorer of the Canadian Arctic
Familiar with
Fed. stipend
Grand duke's father
Haunted house décor
Hydrocarbon suffix
Hydrophane or isopyre
Impress clearly
In heaven
Indignant, with 'up'
Indonesian island
Indonesian island
'Momo' author Michael
'Sex for Dummies' author
Royal irritant of lore
Russian politician Alexander
'Splendor in the Grass' screenwriter
See 5-Down
'The best ___ to come!'
Settled, as a quarrel
'___ le roi!' (Bastille cry)
Shepherds' woolen plaids
'___ Mrs. Jones' (#1 hit of 1972)
Shogun's capital
'___ soit qui mal y pense'
Sits in on
1940 John Wayne drama
Sloth, for one
1953 movie that shares the name of a Texas town
1997 Peter Fonda title role
Abbr. preceding multiple surnames
Spanish specie
Actress Lena
Spiny anteater
Spotted ___
Adderley of hard bop
Stand in an atelier
Start of many French titles
Stephen King's home
Average American, they say
Steve of Aerosmith
Bow (to)
Sue Grafton's '___ for Alibi'
Surveillance equipment
They cant
British P.M. during the American Revolution
They emerge in the spring
Broomball surface
Thick of things
Tre ___ (piano player's direction)
Card player's cry
Tried hard
Cause for a shootout
Typewriter feature
Certain boxer, informally
Victrola mfr.
Certain plaintiff, at law
W.W. II gen.
Checklist part
Where Puff frolicked
Chemist Remsen, discoverer of saccharin
William ___, the Father of Photography
Chief river of British Columbia
With 36-Down, like some service uniforms
Chromatin component
Word in four French department names
Classic gangster nickname
___-Manguean (Indian language group)
Climbing the corporate ladder
Cloven-hoofed animals
Cold war force