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26th of 26
'Alley ___'
'Aw, hell!'
'Oh, man!'
'That's not something I needed to know'
27-Down offering
90° turn
All the ___
Amused the singer of 'Raise Your Glass'?
Basketball star ___ Ming
Betty Crocker product
Bit of campfire entertainment
Bit of fish food
Carl who directed 'Oh, God!'
Central points
Check out
Coached the singer of 'Kiss From a Rose'?
Coke Zero alternative
Cream and eggshell, for two
David of 'Separate Tables'
Diarist Anaïs
Diva's delivery
Doesn't say outright
Easter egg container?
Emmy-winning series set at the Sterling Cooper ad agency
Enchantment of the singer of 'Raspberry Beret'?
Fast-food convenience
Favoring the singer of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'?
Filleted fish
Four of the 12 imams of Shia
Four-sided fig
Fraud fighters, for short
Headed up
It might puff you up
K.G.B. adversary
Kevin who was the 2014 N.B.A. M.V.P
LeBlanc of 'Friends'
Many soccer coaches
Medical procedure for the singer of 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free'?
Mother superior, for one
Nickname for a high-achieving couple
One corner of a Monopoly board
One way to be caught
Ore-Ida product
Painter Chagall
Piece next to a knight
Premium ___
Put forward
Record holders?
Red Lobster freebie
Ruinous end
Shatner's '___War'
Skipper's position
Some military defenses, for short
Source of ivory
Starting time
Ticked (off)
Time to rise, in poetry
Travels (about)
Tree of Life locale
U.P.S. truck contents: Abbr
Way into Wonderland
What an unbelievable YouTube video might be
When doubled, a drum
Word next to a coin slot
___ Bator
___ Hubbard of Scientology
___ port