Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 8th 2006) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 140 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Jezebel's husband
John of Broadway's 'Carousel'
Josip Broz, familiarly
Kind of prize
Lamenting ones
Like many leases
Like some dates
Locale in lilac-time, in an Alfred Noyes poem
Longtime Disney chief
Look out for, say
Lotion letters
Lyric poem
Macbeth's burial place
Magi's origin
Many a dogsled driver: Abbr.
Many college profs
Marsh wader
Maximally sore
More informative
Myrmecologist's interest
Name for a farm dog
Nav. rank
Noble headwear
Not abstinent
Off-road vehicle gearshift problem?
Old telecom conglomerate
One with a six-yr. position
Oscar title starter
Ostrich's pose?
Our base
Pan lubricant
Place to play Ping-Pong
Playground retort
Plenty worked (up)
Acre resident
'American Idol' judge
'Get a Job' syllable
'___ Blu Dipinto di Blu'
'___ there'
1968 Peace Nobelist Cassin
Add zip to
Airline to Bogotá
Alexander, e.g.
Assault verbally
Aussie's neighbor
Bank offering, for short
Beat in the market
Blow away
Blue shade
Brand of home perm kits
Burst open
Cause of a beach house phone glitch?
Churchill's '___ Finest Hour'
Civil-rights leader Roy
Way to serve chop suey
What a turkey stuffer has?
What's more
Where bills go
With 85-Down, old DC Comics spinoff
Yakked, yakked, yakked
Yank out
___ morgana (mirage)
___ of Paris
___ Reid (the Green Hornet)
___ scale
___ Valley, Calif.
___-pointe (ballet position)
Clark role
Coughed up
Cousin of a herring
Coverage grp.
Cows and sows
Cut off
Daughter of Loki, in Norse myth
Defendant at law: Abbr.
Do at the wrong moment
Don't just seem
Drink often served hot
Eared plant
Ecol., e.g.
Egg-shaped instrument
Everglades swimmers
Evidence of a passer-by in a photo?
Expense report item
Farmers' spreads
Fife players
Fink on
G.P.A. spoilers
Group of notables
Grunge rock hub
Haberdashery item
Halloween bagful
Has a few
Hemingway's 'The Nick ___ Stories'
Hits the sack
Hospital supply
Hurried, on a score
Internet browser button
Iowa college
It may be said to a doctor
Jacked up
Popular block puzzle first put out in 1969
Relative of atmo-
Result of a laundry room short?
Rolodex no.
Row C, maybe: Abbr.
Run down
Sandwich for a horse?
Seating datum
See 84-Down
Simple abodes
Singsong syllable
Small songsters
Solar wind particles
Spike TV, once
Sr.'s test
Suffix with cannon
Team's burden
Tee off
Test for a needed hosiery change?
Third tone of a musical scale
This isn't it
Tiny bit of time: Abbr.
Tommy Dorsey hit 'Oh, Look ___ Now'
Took it easy
U.K. bestowal
United with
Unrespectful sort
Vice president after George
Vitamin amts.
Wander in a library
Way to go