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Mock Spanish expression of disapproval
Composer Stravinsky
Tennis do-over
'The Giving ___' (Shel Silverstein title)
Crude carrier
Tentatively schedule, with 'in'
Not mine alone
'What's the ___?' (slangy 'How's it going?')
Dental care brand
The Emerald Isle
One at a coming-out party, briefly
2016 Best Picture nominee ... or a hint to the circled letters in 20-, 25- and 43-Across
Dinosaur in the Super Mario world
Onetime Pan Am rival
Longtime Yankees manager Joe
2016 Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala
Easter hopper
Passover brisket seasoning
Triage sites, for short
Actor Astin of 'Pitch Perfect'
Footwear for a dandy
Physics prereq., maybe
Unauthorized disclosure
Anesthetics of old
Frozen yogurt mix-in
Platypus feature
Wallet alternatives
'Just as I expected!'
Greek goddess of Earth
Website with a lot of home pages?
Hall-of-Fame pitcher Warren
Apple desktop
Ballet dancer in 'Fantasia'
Regal initialism
What a kitten is picked up by
Bob who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature
Island east of Lanai
Remote location?
'Be prepared,' for example
What it takes to tango
It can be greased
What's exited in Brexit, for short
It may wind up at the side of a house
Canine, e.g
Rights org
___ Dhabi
'Free Willy' creature
Item cut up for a salad, informally
Civil rights leader Medgar
Say no to
'Parsley, sage, rosemary and ___' ('Scarborough Fair' lyric)
Kind of tide
Coined phrase?
Sends to eternal punishment
'SportsCenter' airer
Kindle purchase
Collections for afternoon socials
Something Linus carries in 'Peanuts'
Company whose how-to manuals lack words
Tech whiz
'That makes perfect sense now!'

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