Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 11th 2017) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 75 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Dominique ___, 1996 Olympic gymnastics gold medalist
'When they go ___, we go high'
Kuala Lumpur's locale
Sporting a natural
'___ and Circumstance'
Mistake, cutely
T. J. ___ (department store chain)
1980 Winter Olympics host
Fruit in a fruit basket
Mrs. George W. Bush
The drug acid, by another name
4.0, in school
Getting little rainfall
Musk of Tesla
Titular California district in a Steinbeck novel
A pair
Group of experts
N.B.A. star Nowitzki
Treat really nicely
Hairstyling substance
Actor Alan
Nike rival
University in northeast Ohio
Happy accident
Animal whose name is a synonym of 'parrot'
Not worth discussing
Vinyl albums, for short
Have debts
Annual Austin festival, for short
October birthstone
'Calvin and Hobbes' conveyance
Washington city with a repetitive name
Hawaiian island
Arctic bird
At 0% battery
Pb, to chemists
With 58-Down, head-in-the-clouds place ... or a hint to each answer that has four circles
At 50%, to a pessimist
Person wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, stereotypically
Writer Welty
Brillo alternative
Pitchfork-shaped letter
Business fair
'!!!!,' in a text
Postal delivery
'I don't wanna be ___ guy, but ...'
California-based gas company
'Fighting' N.C.A.A. team
Ice pad?
Rest atop
___ McNally (mapmaker)
Christmas season
___ of Wight
See 53-Down
College teacher, informally
'Holy cow!'
Served dinner
Issa who stars on HBO's 'Insecure'
Contents of el océano
Deep bow
'Not guilty,' e.g
Setting for much of 'Moana'
Kind of diet regimen based on nonmodern eating habits
Counterparts of dots, in Morse code
Shoulder garment