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French vineyard
Aspiring D.A.'s exam
Otis's feline pal
Title for Gandhi
Genetic stuff
Paper purchase
TV's '___ the Virgin'
Golda of Israel
Philosopher Immanuel
Avoid, as work
Golden ratio symbol
Poet Whitman
Very, in slang
Blackthorn fruit
Good-news-to-bad-news transition
Portly plus
Boating hazard
Hairdressers' challenges
'Skyfall' singer, 2012
Prefix with final or formal
Volkswagen competitor
Book after II Chronicles
Hat, informally
Pro shop purchases
When said three times, blah blah blah
It provides more loft than a 9-iron
Robert Byrd served nearly nine of these in the Senate
Wine may leave one
Corrida cheers
Justice who joined the bench in 2010
See 23-Across
Cynical rejoinder
Less feral
Dada pioneer
Like cat videos, typically
'OMG, my parents are gonna ground me forever!'
XXX divided by X
*Repeated lyric in 'La Bamba'
Ancient region where the style of an architectural column originated
Davis of 'Jungle Fever'
Listen here!
Shares of profits
'The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas' author
Zubin formerly of the New York Philharmonic
Drink with a Wild Cherry variety
Massachusetts' Cape ___
Side dish at a barbecue
___ Plaines, Ill
McDonald's founder Ray
Start of a selecting rhyme
*Breakfast, in Burgundy
___ warfare
End of a freshman's new email address
Name in 'A Christmas Carol'
State flower of New Hampshire
*With 52-Across, 1787 Mozart composition
Sticker component
On-screen word in a 'Batman' episode
21,728-pg. work that is constantly updated
One throwing shade?
The Cha Cha Slide, for one
Figurine on many a wedding cake
Affordable Care Act option, briefly
They're what really count, so it's said ... or a hint to the multilingual answers to the starred clues
Org. certifying albums as gold or platinum
Fizzy citrus beverage
Time it takes for paint to dry, seemingly

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