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'Hesitating to mention it, but ...'
'I dare you!'
'Kilroy ___ here'
'Square' things, ideally
'West Side Story' seamstress
'___ and answered' (courtroom objection)
Actress Watts
Blade in the pen
Boxer Max
Chew the fat
Clothes presser
Club game
Come to a close
Comical 'Dame'
Command-Z command
Constellation units
Designs with ® symbols: Abbr
Dreadlocked ones, informally
Drive mad
Ed of 'Up'
Ending with neo- or proto-
Error report?
Fabric purchase: Abbr
Gates of philanthropy
German kingdom of old
Give off, as vibes
Glass fragment
Growing luxuriantly
Habitual customer's order, with 'the'
Ice cream and sponge topped with meringue and placed in a very hot oven for a few minutes
J.Lo's daughter with a palindromic name
Kardashian matriarch
Kill, as an idea
Land of Blarney
Latches (onto)
Lauder of cosmetics
Layers of sherry-soaked torte, homemade custard and fruit served chilled in a giant stem glass
Locale for urban trash cans
Low ground, poetically
Lowdown, in slang
Mini, e.g
Mop & ___
Ones who are splitsville
Pass's opposite
Positive R.S.V.P.s
Pushing conventional limits
Rock's ___ Inch Nails
Salade ___
Sam Cooke's first #1 hit
Set traditionally handed down to an eldest daughter
Severe and short, as an illness
Singer with the site imaginepeace.com
Steamed-for-hours, aged-for-months concoction of treacle, brandy, fruit and spices, set afire and served at Christmas
Strip of fabric used for trimming
Sugar ___
Teacher's plan
Tiny bell sounds
Uncles, in Acapulco
Units of resistance
Walloped to win the bout, in brief
What a chef might call each dessert featured in this puzzle, literally or figuratively
___ contact
___ of the Apostles
___-December romance

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