Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 30th 2008) clues of New York Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 78 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Rustler's target
Saturn model of 2003-07
Shipboard kitchen
Singer DiFranco
Swim meet division
Tattooist's stock
The 40 of 'the back 40'
Tip of a wingtip
Ukrainian port city
Weather-resistant wood
Western topper
Wide receiver Michael, nicknamed 'the Playmaker'
Wildcatter's find
Winter Palace figure
Word before tie or lunch
Zero ___
Early Commodore computers
For all, as a salon
Fr. ladies
Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthplace
Gasohol, e.g.
Give it a go
Glass of public radio
Go for a part
Grows more intense
Having new vigor
Home of Barack Obama's father
However, briefly
Hurricane of 2008
J.F.K. posting: Abbr.
Jason jilted her
Jayvee player, maybe
Journalist ___ Rogers St. Johns
Keeping the eyes and ears open
Like Knights Templars
Little mischief-makers
Meditative sect
Most trifling
N.F.L. line position: Abbr.
Not include
Organic compounds
Outback bird
Part of ABM
Part of PRNDL
Particle-detecting device
Peacemaker's goal
Polygon calculations
Property claim
Raven's call
'Sic semper tyrannis!' crier
'Dear Abby' offering
'___ and the Night Visitors'
'The Nazarene' novelist Sholem
'There'll be ___ time ...'
A.L. or N.L. city, in brief
Abbott and Costello movie based on a Ziegfeld musical
Airport rental
Almond-flavored liqueur
Atlanta gridder
Auto roof option
Bard's 'before'
Bargainer at strike talks
Baseball exec Minaya
Be subjected to
Belgian treaty city
Bit of eBay action
Caesarean rebuke
Canal locale
Carpet feature
Chemistry class poster, perhaps
Classic R&B record label
Computer image file format
Coughs up, so to speak
Courtroom recitation
Creator of a branch division?
Cross shape