Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 4th 2008) clues of New York Times crossword.

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'The Sound of Music' name
'Wait till you're ___' (parent's reply)
1986 showbiz autobiography
Assessed visually
American-born Japanese
Attire that often includes a hood
Bar belt
Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas,' again and again
Certain feed
Comparatively considerate
Delphic quality
Diable battler
Feature of an acacia tree
Former E.P.A. chief Christine ___ Whitman
From southern Spain
G.R.E. takers, generally: Abbr.
Gone, in a way
Grammy-winning reggae artist ___ Paul
Hawaii's annual ___ Bowl
Hawk, maybe
Historical biography that won a 1935 Pulitzer
Impart gradually: Var.
Irish singer with eight platinum U.S. albums
It's produced by a Tesla coil
Jazz's Earl Hines, familiarly
Lay off
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Locale for four World Series
Makeshift dagger
Medical flow enhancer
More minute
Much of central Eur., once
Nod, say
Not be alert
Operating system developed at Bell Labs
Patent holder's income
Plasma alternative, briefly
Poses posers
Proceeded slowly
Pubescent, say
Quiet cough
See 15-Across
See 23-Across
See 38-Across
See 48-Across
See 62-Across
Seed alternative
Soixante minutes
Sped (by)
Stayed fresh
Tanner's locale
The last 10% of 110%
The Sun Devils, for short
They're usually washed separately
Three-wheeled Indian taxi
Trample, for example
TV planet
Twinkie alternative
W.W. II hero, for short
Watch brand
Where Melville's Billy Budd went
Where Nixon went to law school
With 16-Across, boxing result, often
With 24-Across, curious case in psychology
With 39-Across, instant
With 50-Across, grammatical infelicities
With 63-Across, go Dutch
Wrestling promoter McMahon
___ facie