Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 7th 2017) clues of New York Times crossword.

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Schindler with a list
'That's simply lovely!'
Modern educational acronym
Hungers (for)
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta'
'___ Ruled the World' (1996 Nas hit)
Newspaper unit: Abbr
Setting of Hercules' first labor
Isn't on the level
They're parked in parks
'___ yellow ribbon ...'
Non-P.C. suffix
Singer Gormé
It might precede a shower
Things most people follow
Almost circular
Old TV screens, for short
Something you feel in your gut?
Its atomic number is 39
Tropical tuber
Barnyard adjunct
Kind of order ... or a hint to this puzzle's unusual construction
Bit of a giggle
One who settles arguments
Kingston dude
Boom box button
Ones calling people out?
Visibly embarrassed
Lady Bird Johnson's real given name
Brandy label letters
'Love ___' (Beatles song)
OPEC units: Abbr
Word before 'Yesterday' in a Tony Bennett hit and 'Tomorrow' in a Sammy Kaye hit
Late bloomers
Brian's pal on 'Family Guy'
Opposite of old, in Oldenburg
Word in many a personal ad
Laugh riot
British runner Sebastian
Optimistic bridge calls
___ Gaston, first African-American manager to win a World Series
Lead singer of Nirvana
Capital of the Land of the Midnight Sun
People who might greet you by saying 'Talofa, afio mai!' ('Hello, welcome!')
___ polloi
'Hey there, tiger!'
Let it all out
Classic Camaros
Plying with wine and roses, say
___ to one's ears
License to drill, for short?
Comes down
Like Nevada among all U.S. states
Fish that's being reeled in
Queen, for one
'Just relax!'
Like some information on food labels
Flared dresses
Reach, as an altitude
'Nothing is easier than to denounce the ___; nothing is more difficult than to understand him': Dostoyevsky
Loggers' contest
Former 'Weekend Update' co-anchor
Retrieves, as balls
'Stay strong!'
Longtime record label for Elton John and Mary J. Blige
Green sauce
Scarlet stigma
'Ta-ta for now!'
Maker of Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games
Heading for the fence?
Sch. on the bank of the Charles River
Hit the top in Tetris, e.g