Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 13th 2018) clues of NewsDay crossword.

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G7 member
Quailed back
NASA's six-person orbiter
Word on the spider variety list
Starter like endo-
Cry that might precede a spill
One of a stack of checkers
Do things
Make a start, perhaps
Couple of pointers?
It may mean ''Feed me!''
''Therefore speak __ them in parables'': Matthew 13
Listing in a ''Fanciers'' registry
Less likely to be forgiving
It's northwest of Provo
Persistently petty person
One of the Leeward Antilles
Cousins of plovers
Rochester-based brewery
Hamilton or Benjamin
Move rhythmically
State with the highest % of land held by the Forest Service
Messy suit, say
Menacing medieval band
How loose wires often end up
''We create music'' sloganeer
__ candy
Express disapproval
Script sources
Throw cold water on
Accepts an ingestion invitation
Antonym of ''raptures''
Chevy Cavalier successors
Paper-clipped collection
Pasta served with peanuts
Something to see through
Word from the Latin for ''harshness''
Org. supporting Operation Baghdad Pups
Step on a quality scale
Only commonly edible rock
Certain doorway
Essence of ''irrigation des plantes''
__.org (site with a Missionary Travel page)
Virgin Australia hub
Schools or orders
Put in position
Rat pack?
USMA grad in Omar Bradley's class
Item for pool lounging
PD beat
__ director
South American dollar spender
Chipped plastic
Latter-day invasion
Shoot out
It might appear after a while
Firm face-lift
Floor supporter
Convulsive breath-catchings
Knocked out
Jumps all over
The multinational ''Seven Sisters,'' in the '60s
What's captured in a period piece
Made like some dimmer switches
Dragonlike, in a way
East side of Athens