Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2018) clues of NewsDay crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 146 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Place for prehistoric paintings
Florida Disney attraction
Padlock fastener
Tons and tons
Raptor's gripper
With 33 Across, 1820s engineering marvel
Barbecue spot
Beginning of many biographies
Poetic time of day
Sailor's call
Historical spans
Passed over, as a syllable
Jeered at
See 21 Across
Corp. leader
To a high degree
German-based automaker
Global extremes
Apt filmdom rhyme for ''unseen''
__ shoestring (cheaply)
Mine extractions
Part of many a superhero's costume
Henry Ford rival
Make fun of
Novelist Deighton
Epistolary afterthought
Initial extra inning
Pilots' journals
Is optimistic
Goes after
Canvas coverings
Kid-lit elephant
A little wet
Painter's pigments
Had a go at
Collected, as praise
Stares (at)
Acrobatic maneuver
Quarterback Manning
San __ Obispo, CA
Slalom gear
Early pop-music idol Vallé©e
Gravelly voice
Half a figure eight
Gig for a comic
Pizza adjective
Weather for 63 Across
Leave quickly, so to speak
Track circuits
Photo's dull finish
Crime stats
Drill sergeant's order
Food-truck fare
Sale stipulation
Source for beer or water
Metaphor for thinness
One way to swim
Convex navel
Natural emollient
Place for a roast
Wall-frame timbers
Bassoons and oboes
Minister (to)
Sounded like a raven
Still a possible winner
Electorate member
List shortcut
Acid artisan
Satirical imitation
Pottery material
Comics sound effect
Blaster's supply
Of Israel's language
Sans-serif computer font
Round Table figures
Adopt-a-thon adoptee
Sources of sauces
Hand luggage
Just __ (not much)
__ the line (obeyed)
Greek underworld
Wetlands waders
Outer limits
Currier's partner
Casual eateries
''__ Wiedersehen!''
Boston NBAers
With the current
Join forces
Maze options
Straw vote
Small, sweet sandwich
Moving across
Declines, with ''out''
Rodeo contestant
Hens' pens
Seeks clarification
Annoy playfully
Holes in a sponge
Many-store retail operation
Clad like a grad
Some Galaxy competitors
What a noun may be
Sounds from pounds
Overly assertive
Hotel employee
Stared at
Give rise to
Fryer serving
Ranch fare
Besides that
Danish flavor
Takes potshots
Chocolate treat
Preside over
Followed closely
Julius Caesar opponent
English class, for short
Leading the pack
Hurries (off)
Soaked up sun
Crops up
Central Georgia city
113 Across adjunct, often
No longer vacant
While away
Israeli author Oz
Fully stretched
Julius Caesar rebuke
Solar heating square
Ranch measure
Unpaid total
Place to run a 106 Down
Historical span
Turn bad