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Any Bryn Mawr grad
Equivalent of C sharp
Piece for a diva
The first part of his ''Ulysses'' was published in 1918
Tennis ''hustler'' born in 1918
Sandal features
Actress Watts
Exclusive license of a sort
Lasso loop
The Bee __ (''Night Fever'' trio)
Tic Tacs alternative
Penne __ vodka
Riles up
Olympics symbol
Hawaii's high point
His ''The Planets'' premiered in 1918
Their first studio opened in 1918
Call forth
Boston or Austin
Mystic's deck
Trusted advisors
Iconic doll introduced in 1918
Poor poker pair
Red Sox great born in 1918
On the road
French general who signed the 1918 armistice
Totally unfamiliar
Home for a hamster
Vuitton competitor
Successful, in show-biz slang
Yale student
Book in Bordeaux
Ending for Jumbo at a ballpark
Coleridge creation
Creative inspiration
Prepare, as a salad
Some day-care arrangers
Be worried
Brief run-in
Novelist Paretsky
''Madam Secretary'' star
Trajectory paths
Grp. in charge
Word on Irish euros
Submit a return
Parent of Princess Charlotte
City near Dü¼sseldorf
When Michelangelo finished ''David''
Daily ritual
It means ''inner''
Rescue team: Abbr.
Guess, for short
Data holders, for instance
Bard's ''before long''
''__ a Grecian Urn''
First film Tarzan, in 1918
Big name in blush
Red Sox, on scoreboards
Martial arts school
Less seasoned
Shining example
Tent entrance
What some sports cars lack
Designer Kamali
Sherbet flavor
Lorna of literature
Iron Man, Hulk and colleagues
Nutrient in seaweed
Vacuum ''feature''
Perfume counter bottles
Poll tally
Apt rhyme for ''bowls''
Ice on the sea
Manhattan Project VIP
Second-quality, for short
Shafts of light
Quest for Galahad
Young ''femme''
Space-saving abbr.
Tedious journey
Walt Disney Concert Hall architect
Little Havana's home
Big Band music
South Africa's last prime minister
GI dog-tag data
Actress Sevigny
Suite things
Yellowish green
In one piece
Boone nickname
It means ''both''
Her ''My Ántonia'' was published in 1918
Ornate buttons
Small town
Small portion
''There's no __ 'team'''
Rain clouds
Title bestowed on Julie Andrews
Wherever you like
Most weighty NBA Hall of Famer
Rum cocktail
Crayon materials
''Rock-a-bye'' subject of a 1918 Jolson song
Cut short a project
''The Lion King'' hero
Provide an endorsement
Become scattered
Smarten up
Cardinal point
Much less than impressed
''Average'' fellows
Designer von Furstenberg
Petrified wood, e.g.
Ellison or Emerson
War of 1812 president
Shoe support
Authoritative order
Atolls, essentially
English spy novelist
Symbol of growth potential
Curtain-raising time
Later on
Does bad to
St. Teresa's home
Hot-air duct