Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 16th 2018) clues of NewsDay crossword.

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Modernized, maybe
Like many movie speakeasies
''Mother of the Blues'' who sang with Satchmo
Something you want to turn over
Guy discomfited by progressive attitudes
Discomfited episodes
Signs not to sing
Medal rec'd by Earhart and Lindbergh
Nautically agile
Canoe-building tool
Tips off
Play Asimov called ''immortal for that one word''
Sack with malice
Historic event
Pollen pouch
Mosquito look-alike
Make an important delivery
Science of versification
Kitchen sink attachment
Go easy
Capital near Lake Titicaca
Recently reconstituted protest org.
Word from the Hindi for ''viceroy''
Ten-time Pro Bowl quarterback ('50s and '60s)
Inventory, for short
Mysterious to most
Made aware of a hack, maybe
Embroidering expert
Rhythm readout
Tahini-based confection
Traditional Buckeyes rival
Giant of French Renaissance literature
Apply incautiously
''Unfading'' flower eaten by Aztecs
Setting for many mass movements
Dark part of a sunspot
Made shorter or leaner
German Dada artist
Finn, memorably
Latter-day case breaker
Oral ''OMG''
Lenten art project
Duck, say
Malia __ Obama
Apt name for a pet Mexican lizard
Makes chaotic
Charged or invested
Those spurning their outfits
Slot-machine bonus
Antonym of ''apathetic''
One on the winner's side, supposedly
Milanese patron of da Vinci
Rather small swimmer
Whom Gershwin dedicated his ''I Got Rhythm'' Variations to
Bilingual mashup
Anteater cousin
Four-lettuce entré©e
Gradual, in product names
What's under your hat
Find rain in Iran, e.g.
Metaphor for management
Swashbuckling sound
''Make getting together effortless'' site
Ostentatious, in Oxford
Whom Philbin calls ''Pippa''
Popular Super Bowl party centerpiece
Drift away
Cognac companion
Keep away