Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 2nd 2018) clues of NewsDay crossword.

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Deutsches Pronomen
He's tested in Genesis 22
Furnace capacity measure
Nashville HOF creator
Show favor (for)
Fundamental purpose
Whom vicars work for
Gracious alternative
Make a twist from
Sound of the shaken
Most Cook Islanders
__-wearing (how Virgil described his people)
Little bit
Words from the staggered
What macOS is based on
Brand served with a spoon straw
Go with your gut
The Greeks believed its offerings' smoke formed the Milky Way
Agcy. regulating exit signs
Marks for identification
Doctrine referenced in the Declaration
Where caps and gowns are worn, for short
Petunia, to Harry Potter
Is brilliant
Bring on the block
Transfer, often
Typical hedge-fund hire
Took from a tablet, say
Scaling candidate
It rejected TR for 1912
Split pea soup ingredient
TR's constituency circa 1899
A water sign
Attempt to tarnish
Be shown up
__ kit (racing-inspired auto option)
Add to one's duties
Corporeal stabilizers
''Soft Flowing Avon'' composer (1769)
Address shortened by dropping just one letter
Customizable message-face app
Horsemen painted by Picasso
''__ anné©e'' (''douze mois'')
A million times mega-
Marching order
Drops decisively
Graph add-on
Chance for a stringer to shine?
''It's __ from me'' (''Idol'' rejection)
Device with a smiling-screen logo
Prov. slightly larger than Delaware
Storage space, often
Harry Potter, to Albus
Mint family member
''Canvas'' for digital art
Frat letter
Carrey biopic role
Without honor
What some clogs contain
Out and about
Sawgrass spot
Generations chronicled in the two ''Roots'' miniseries
Name on the Garbo role list
Dress down
Article's start, in journalese
Big ape
Org. that makes slide rules