Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 3rd 2018) clues of NewsDay crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Brewpub designation
Wee hour
Enthusiastic about
Contract directive
New title for Ringo Starr
Franç§ois' farewell
WWII milestone
Dewey, to Donald
Bear seen by stargazers
Sound at the door, perhaps
Cooper protagonist
Must obtain
Loosened up
Cake near a sink
__ Paulo, Brazil
Winds up
Helped through difficulty, with ''over''
OPEC commodity
Watercourse, in brief
Cognac designation
Hang loose
X or Y preceder
Rabbit's residence
Aware of
Source for shrimp
Runner who ran the 2012 Olympics
Strand at a chalet
Taking a greater risk
Anteaters' noses
World Cup cheer
Naval weapon
Trade show
Available for take-home viewing
Vacuum, for instance
Overwhelm with work
Metal precioso
Six-sided fasteners
Versified tributes
Chop down
E-file agcy.
Organic fuel source
Rowing implement
Farm female
Northeast African capital
''Toy Story'' dinosaur
Certain can openers
''Rule, Britannia!'' composer
Office equipment agreement
Elongated swimmer
Sci-fi pioneer
Trucker's truck
Gossip's avocation
Male suitor
Career soldiers
Gym weight
En __ (as a group)
Form of sugar
Director Lee
Male suitor
Thumbs-down review
Defender's preparation
Place to buy small cars
''Artisanal'' edible
HDL or LDL, e.g.
Fashionable group
Wilson successor
Ovens in Indian cuisine
Quaint lodging
Extreme dislike
Home sellers' database: Abbr.
Scare word
Frisks, with ''down''
Sandwich spread
__ mater
Mexican miss
List of courses
Measure of force
''Wheel of Fortune'' purchase
Accessory for Sherlock
Cut back on
Kitchen fixture
Extreme fear
Air Force Academy student
Gym surface
Main points
Telephone trio
Person from Venice
Group of ancient Greeks
Most tall and thin
Persistent pest
Raw mineral
''Magnificent'' de' Medici
Point of entry
''Moving right __ . . .''
Power sources
Treated too gently
Coffee server
Form of jazz
Unifying activity
GPS lines
Something small
Arrangement of locks
Choral voice
Jousting venue, for short
Fernando's ''fried''
Pasta nutrient
Winter gliders
Some basic arithmetic
Joke around
Source of fables
Cylindrical shape
Unseal, to Shakespeare
Salutes with glasses
Pasta suffix
Hot stuff
Most avant-garde
Greek peace goddess
''The Two Fridas'' artist
Blissful state
Polished off
Sahara formation
Fairy tale sister
Green energy category
Stepped on
MD's coworkers
Parental responsibility
Tot jacket closers
Play with a bungee, perhaps
Poetic Muse
Oratorio solo
Chicago mayor Emanuel
Give forth
Sit on one's hands